126. Rosa Presents Us With Four Puppies…

26. Rosa Presents us With Four Puppies…

We were anxious for almost a month…
We feared that the boat might not be the best place for Rosa to deliver her puppies…
My vet explained to me all the stages involved in the birth of some puppies. Rosa is a small two kilos Yorkshire and I was afraid for her first delivery.

I learn from my vet how to cut the umbilical cord and what to do with the placenta… but nature is amazing! Rosa was very good and she followed the voice of God and learned quickly.

August 13… afternoon… I am resting on my bed… we are sailing between Menorca and Mallorca… I am petting Rosa who is beside me… when, suddenly, I feel a tiny newcomer in my hand…!

I get up and run to call Sandra who bursts into tears with emotion… Rosa looks at us with a look of love and gratitude…

But now her desire is to be alone, so that she can continue to give birth to her other puppies… tiny puppies!

Every ten minutes, we check her… two…! three…! the fourth is a real surprise… the smallest!

Rosa’s expression has changed… as if to say… “Now stay with me!”

We begin to take many pictures and we summon the courage to pick them up… gently… tenderly… they are so small… so soft…

“La Vita!” They cannot see the light yet… their little eyes are still closed… they will open delicately in about a week.

I have lived through a similar experience with my dogs… but with Rosa the emotion is entirely different… she is so small… so fragile… apparently defenseless…

Our family has grown!

Roberto Cavalli

Rosa and her boyfriend Shane

Rosa and her boyfriend Shane

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  1. carina nilsson
    carina nilsson says:

    O my God, i am so happy so wonderful. I cant wait to see the small beautiful puppy.
    I wish i were with you, hop to see more photo soon. Rosa and Lupo is fantastic.
    Love you all big big kiss

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Belli che sonoooooo…..!!!
    Sembrano dei cricetini neri…..mamma mia che bellezza!!!
    Un pelo lucido lucido, piccolissimi, tenerissimi…uno spettacolo….che emozione che deve essere stata!!!
    Sarebbe bello se ci fosse una femmina e tu la chiamassi “Viola”…..magari sarebbe bene augurante per la prossima stagione no? 🙂
    Dai una abbraccino (tenero!) a Rosa e ai cucciolini da parte mia….
    E anche una carezza a Lupo, che per me è sempre il numero uno! 🙂
    Un abbraccione anche a te…… Buon proseguimento di vacanze!!i!! 🙂

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