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I am on a helicopter. I’m going to Monaco, Sunday evening I will attend a great event organized by FRANCK MULLER, the famous Swiss watchmaker.

Roberto CavalliI already wrote about FRANCK MULLER in a post a few months ago.[LINK] I designed a very special line of watches, very beautiful with high quality features, produced and distributed by FRANCK MULLER.

A great event for the worldwide launch of these new creations that will carry my name! It was not easy to create this new collection, I always like to explore with my creativity. I love watches and I own a small collection. My desire was to create something special… but not too much… not to far from the classic design of these wonderful timepieces!

I designed a special watch for the Princess Charlene, wife of Prince Albert of Monaco. The watch is studded with diamonds and the dial has the colors of the flag of the Principality of Monaco! The royals will be attending the event. It will be exciting to offer my special gift to the Princess Charlene.

I’m happy to go to Monte Carlo, you know my passion, I will spend my evenings at the Casino! Wish me luck, I am definitely not lucky when I play, maybe I am lucky in love… Who knows?

I have not forgotten that I left a thought unfinished in my last post. Fashion, you must forgive me if sometimes I am not nice or not diplomatic with some of my colleagues. Fashion is a point of view, it is not an offense against anyone who creates, but a misunderstanding of how many journalists follow a trend and writing only about those with high advertising budgets!

Imagine that in the 70’s, the fabulous 70’s, fashion was not publicized. Now, it’s just a great advertising business. Young designers do not have the ability to deal with these advertising budgets and therefore they will never have the chance to fulfill their dreams!

I followed the fashion that was presented in Paris. The designers, acclaimed by the media, presented black and white collections! Only two colors! You know how I adore colors. These are collections for the next summer, in the summer there is a need for colors! The French fashion thinks we are “color-blind”, what nonsense! Even more absurd are the opinions of the “big” journalists – overpaid by two large French fashion groups – now masters of fashion!

Minimalism does not enhance femininity, is for a woman who doesn’t loves herself and therefore do not want to appear! Maybe CHIC but not SENSUAL!

The models are increasingly too skinny in order to look like mannequins in this style of clothing! The beautiful models launched by Gianni Versace in the 80’s would not find work these days, too sexy!

I might have revealed too much of my thoughts. I am sorry if sometimes I exaggerate in my judgments! I am impulsive and I always think out loud.

Un bacio a tutti.

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. lolitagqeba
    lolitagqeba says:

    I have always been inspired by your designs and follow your blog each time I get a chance. Your ability to engage and keep your admirers/fans in the loop in both your personal and professional life is amazing and we really appreciate that. It makes the Cavalli brand strong and builds very strong relationships with your fanbase/clientele. I always thought I was the only one who sees through fashion critics/journalists regarding glorifying or praising designers. However, I believe that fashion is art and you portray it as best as possible. You have a very good eye for colour and your combinations are remarkable, and I think you know that no one does this better than you. So, regardless of what critics/journalists say, I think what really matters is the opinions of the people you are designing the garments for. I’ve seen a lot of celebrities looking mighty fabulous in your designs. From Beyoncé to Rita Ora (this is an example). I believe that true talent can never be ignored and you are a LEGEND in your own right. At the end of the day, most critics are sucking up for advertising benefits etc. but the people buy what they like… Your designs are beautiful, your prints are bold and that’s loud enough to not be ignored by the consumers.

    Keep Shining,
    Love from Cape Town, South Africa

  2. yana
    yana says:

    Signor Cavalli… sembra un po deluso per il fatto di non essere stato l’unico a fare sfilare una collezione estiva principalmente in bianco e nero, o mi sbaglio? Ma il “bianco e nero” é moooolto flessibile, la collezione Sua é completamente diversa da qualsiasi altra collezione! Quel misto perfetto di sexyness and coolness, le stampe geniali, non c’é nessuno chi arriva al Suo livello!
    sinceramente guardando la Sua ultima sfilata ho pensato proprio questo – ma quanto sono magre le modelle… tutti sono obbligati a seguire questo trend per non sembrare fuori moda… e solo uno dei grandi come Lei potrebbe fare qualcosa per migliorare la situazione… forse…

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    “Il bianco e nero, due colori che non adoro”
    Ti capisco anche io non adoro il bianconero….. 🙂
    Comunque è vero, ormai la stampa (e non solo sulla moda) è al totale servizio dei potenti. Avere un’informazione obiettiva al giorno d’oggi è merce molto, molto rara….
    Ma l’estetica e la bravura alla fine premiano sempre…..e tu ne hai entrambe da vendere! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio.

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