15. Snow… Snow… Snow…

15. Snow… Snow… Snow…

Snow… snow… snow… When I was a boy I liked snow. It made me happy, today not so much!

Florence with snow

Florence with snow

From my window everything is white and the flakes fall thick, I think tonight it will already be deep. This is not usual for Florence, and everything becomes more complicated. To get to my house, situated on a small hill overlooking Florence, I have to take an uphill winding road.
It will not be easy to go out and come back home. If it snows longer, I shall have to stay stranded in the house and wait until the weather improves!
Even Lupo is a little shocked. The snow is a novelty for him and when we do go out he is not accustomed to sinking into the snow and does not have the courage to run.
Roberto Cavalli with his sister Lietta and their mother Marcella Rossi

Roberto Cavalli with his sister Lietta and their mother Marcella Rossi

I was thinking what I remember about snow, so as to be able to tell you of some moments in my life – but nothing special. I am ashamed to say it, but I do not know how to ski and I hate the cold, maybe it’s an excuse.
When I was a boy, skiing was a sport or pastime of the wealthy. The economic conditions of my family were not such that we could afford to ski!
Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

Sometimes, I like to fly my helicopter over the peaks of Abetone, altitude about 5000 feet, among the snow-capped peaks. I land next to a refuge where they know me well and welcome me.
My kids and friends go skiing until dusk. I wait for them in the refuge in the heat of the fireplace. They will often cook some tortellini they have hand made especially for me!
We haven’t been there for about two years now. I’ll have to re-establish this again – very special and great fun!

My dear friends I embrace you


Roberto Cavalli

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  1. yana
    yana says:

    even Rome is under snow, I think it’s even more strange here… the city collapsed totally, the supermarkets are EMPTY, this is so funny, reminds me of the crisis years in the USSR:))))

    Signor Cavalli, you are not alone – I don’t like skiing either, even though I grew up in “snowy” countries:)) my favorite thing to do was jumping in the 1 meter high snow and pretending I’m swimming in the sea:)))

    Yesterday I took pictures of palms, lemon and mimosa trees under snow… beatyful but sad pictures – these plants are not made for this weather conditions.

    Do you have one or more sisters? any brother? are they in fashion business too? What did your father do?

    Enjoy your day at home – with internet and telephone you will survive one day at home:))))

  2. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Devo dire invece che ancora mi rende felice vedere come cambia la veste di tutto quello che conosci sotto un soffice manto candido… Sembra che le città per venature, riflessi, striature… Sia proprio tu a vestirle in modo nuovo!
    Poi Roberto… Non preoccuparti… Possiamo sempre passare la giornata (facendoti compagnia) del tipo “raconti attorno al fuoco”! Vabbé in questo caso “racconti attorno alla tastiera” ma penso che più di qualcuno ne sarebbe felice… Sappimelo solo dire così cancello gli appuntamenti! Anche noi (a Trieste) saremo dovuti essere sepolti dalla neve ma “grazie” alla Bora (ad oltre 150), il sole non ha mai lasciato il cielo.
    Io amo lo sci… Quando sei in vetta con il sole che fa apparire la pista come una discesa di riflessi rubati ai diamanti e tutt’attorno è ovatato e silenzioso (solo il rumore degli sci e qualche soffio di vento) è una delle poche vere sensazioni di “libertà”. Se hai la fortuna di sciare con poche persone, quando comincia a riempirsi che devi prestare attenzione praticamente solo a loro, in quel caso il mio amore scema e non scio proprio.
    Purtroppo è vero che lo sci è sempre stato proibitivo fino a qualche decennio fa ed è un vero peccato abbia privato tante persone (te in primis) di questa meravigliosa esperienza nel cuore pulsante della natura montana.
    Ho sentito tanto parlare dell’Abetone mi piacerebbe venire a trovare la neve Toscana! Certo che se mi si presentasse la fortuna di trovare Roberto in rifugio a mangiare tortelloni, in quel caso penso che il voler sciare diverrebbe l’ultimo dei mei desideri… In quel caso ti prego caro Roberto… Aggiungi un posto a tavola! Col cavolo che vado a sciare!

    We love you too


  3. abbe
    abbe says:

    Please don’t say you are “ashamed” that you can’t ski, because I can’t either. I hate the cold and snow, and especially heights, the ski lifts scare me. My friends all love to ski, last year they dragged me to Utah and next month they say they will drag me to Verbier or someplace, they are convinced that if it is chic I will suddenly love to ski. Little do they realize I will only love it if there is a place to sit all day and drink hot toddies.
    What an adorable bambino you were, already so stylish in your little romper. And your sister and mama are so beautiful.
    Last year here in NY we had all the snow, so much. Now there is none, Europe is buried, there isn’t any left for us. Not that we’re complaining. Sorry, but you can keep it. 😛

  4. frøydis gambino
    frøydis gambino says:

    Buona Giornata di nuovo. Qui in Norvegia oggi che un casino di neve. Un grande confusione a giudare macchina oggi,meglio lashiare la macchina per oggi.la neve a me non mi piache tanto, anche che sono nato qui al nord, non mi ha piaciuto mai.A shiare non mi piache,.Sono, daccordo con te che e piu bello accedere il camino e mangire bene .Comunque devo uscire per forza, con il mio cane Nectar. Ciao ci sentiamo.

  5. juan pablo
    juan pablo says:

    Mi è piaciuto molto la tua prima foto, ma il secondo trovato ancora più speciale. Grazie per la scrittura di questo blog. Personalmente, io non ti conosco, e solo la mia cmputadora e le foto, non si può dire ciò che una persona, ma il tuo messaggio di verità diventano ispirazione. Soprattutto per un 17 anni come sto. Tanti saluti Roberto!

  6. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Kiev is covered with snow too. Thanks God it’s getting warmer, – 5 C today. It was – 25 C a couple of days ago and I couldn’t even go out to get some food. When I was a child I loved snow as well. Nowadays snow may cause some troubles for me. For example, today my car got stuck in the street cause of heavy snow on the ground. Nevertheless, I love the first snow of the season. Love watching it fall.

    Mr. Cavalli not to know how to ski is not a big loss for you! I used to ski few years ago but I don’t do anymore. After my ex boss had broken her leg skiing in Austria, I said NO THANKS! I hate cold same as you. And everytime the weather is dull and cold I wish I lived in sunny Florida or California 🙂

    I do love the photo of you with your mom and your sister! You look so happy together 🙂 I like black & white photos, they remind me of my childhood.

    Kisses and hugs



  7. frøydis gambino
    frøydis gambino says:

    jeg glemte å fortelle deg ,Mr Cavalli at jeg fikk stor lengsel til Firenze når jeg så fotoet du har lagt ut,jeg hadde en lykkelig tid der for lenge siden.Jeg bodde i denne fantastiske byen i ett år og glemmer det alldrig, ha fortsatt en fortreffelig aften.klem fra Frøydis

  8. Amanda L. Cheairs-Cabral
    Amanda L. Cheairs-Cabral says:

    Mr. Cavalli, never be ashamed of the fact that you cannot ski and hate the cold. Well actually, you should never be ashamed of anything. I grew up in the desert and I cannot ski either nor do I like the cold. It’s just the way it is. I love the beauty of the snow, I’d tolerate it long enough to snap some pictures and all but I’d long to be inside rather than outside in it. It’s just who I am. My father also lives in a place where when it snows the roads become dangerous to travel on so please be careful and stay inside. Take care and much love!


  9. Karolina
    Karolina says:

    Hello, I really appreciate fact, that one of the greatest fashion designer decide to have a blog, cause of that you’re closer to simple people -like me. 🙂
    As you said, in the past you couldn’t afford to ski, but now you’re a person who achive success. It means that every dream can come true. It’s very motivating for me.
    I’ve been interested in fashion business for years, is it possible to make a note with some clues for a beginning model? Advices from legend of fashion as you, will be invaluable.

    Best from Poland,
    Karolina, 19

  10. Roa
    Roa says:

    The view of Florance in the snow is gorgeous but personally I also don’t like the snow. Here in Amsterdam the snow still haven’t melted unfortunatly. Let’s keep in mind that this will be the end of winter and spring is in sight.

    Lots of love,

  11. Terri Jeann
    Terri Jeann says:

    I never have skied either, only sleigh ride in childhood. I’ve never been in a helicopter. You are the pilot? My grandfather was a pilot. I love reading your blog. You are very down to earth. It snowed here too, but nothings more beautiful than your photo in Florence. I’ve been to Milan, only overnight. We had an overlay on the way to a photo shoot that took place in Sicily. I had always wanted to model in Italy. Kristen Mcmenamy and I went to modeling school together. How ironic is that? We modeled in Paris at the same time. I quit modeling because I was tired of starving….wish I could be a forty-something plus model, just to travel and donate money to AIDS/HIV and homeless charities. I made this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzAGUzLdg0E and others at http://www.youtube.com/user/SpotTheParakeet?feature=mhee
    Terri Jeann

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