151. Australia…

Sydney - Australia

Sydney – Australia

151. Australia…

It is a very long trip. I tried to sleep but it was not easy…

Sydney is just so far away, is a big city like many others, nothing special, no history.  Australians? Should eat less… I found them all overweight!

I spent the second day with journalists. The first appointment was at a press conference organized by Target, the great store chain that invited me to promote the capsule collection I designed for the young people here who love Cavalli but cannot yet afford the couture line!

Roberto Cavalli for Target - Press ConferenceIt was a very interesting press conference. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to find that in Australia they know so much about my fashion and me!

After the press conference individual journalists interviewed me. I tried to be brilliant, answering their questions in a way that would be interesting for them.  Massimo and Nadia, my good PR people in Milan, took good care of every single detail…

The next morning I attended a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the space dedicated to Cavalli in Target’s department stores!  On my arrival hundreds of anxious ladies were already in front of the store waiting to meet me and buy what they had always wanted…

Roberto Cavalli for TargetA film crew was shooting the show while journalists asked me questions. My voice was completely drowned out by the screams of my fans!  I’m having a great time… it is like in a movie!

After the ribbon cutting and the official opening, the ladies rushed to buy clothes… filling large bags without even trying on the clothes!

An amazing scene that was repeated in all Target stores across Australia…

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Afterwards we went for an enjoyable lunch at a restaurant run by two Italians from Varese.  It was located at Bondi Beach, one of Sidney’s most famous beaches!

The first Australian adventure is over, but this is just the beginning! Tomorrow, Melbourne…

Ciao, Ciao…
Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli for Target Australia

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!!!
    Ora anche in Asutralia…..ma c’è un qualche posto dove non hai avuto successo? 🙂
    Certo che ne fai di strada eh…? Ma fai bene!
    Un Abbraccio

    PS: Ma che Fiorentina abbiamo quest’anno eh? 🙂

  2. Lia
    Lia says:

    Bello come la versione italiana dia dei ciccioni agli Australiani, mentre la versione inglese li loda. PR intervenute per evitare imbarazzi o lecchinismo volontario??

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