152. Australia, Melbourne…

Roberto Cavalli - Melbourne Cup152. Australia, Melbourne…

A beautiful Hotel! I enjoyed browsing around and discovering all of its features. My modern suite has offered me many ideas for the upcoming opening of the Cavalli Hotel!

More interviews… more tv stations… all the questions revolved around my fashion… my ideal woman… my passion for colors and animal designs and, of course, the very important race with the most important thoroughbred in the world – the DERBY CUP DAY!

Roberto Cavalli - Graffiti - MelbourneI spent the afternoon exploring the city. Very funny and interesting was the succession of narrow streets with houses completely covered with graffiti and murals, artistic and very special. Young artists have indulged in every direction!

The murals have always been a passion of mine. I have many books on the subject and I find it a form of art that is very interesting!  Everyone can express what is in his heart and thoughts, for and against, with complete freedom!

Lavazza - Melbourne CupThe next day is entirely dedicated to the great race. I was the guest of honor of LAVAZZA, the famous Italian coffee house!  Lots of big brands had their own dedicated spaces with a lot of great guests!  A great lunch and live music entertained us as we waited for the Derby to start.

Other interviews and other great compliments, more hugging! A fun atmosphere that is was quite new to me. I looked around me and often wondered how people can have so much fun. there is a genuine joie de vivre here.  What do you look for in those smiles… in those hugs… sincere friendship and survival! I do not offer my thoughts as I was a guest at the event, but I can tell you that it was agreeably unique.

I knew that Nicole Kidman was the guest of honor of another great brand and I thought about going to see her. I was curious to see if she would recognize me. We spent some time together during several dinners in New York.  At that time, Nicole was romantically linked to Lenny Kravitz.  Lenny was one of my best friends until the jealousy of someone broke a sincere friendship that bound us!

An elegant white embroidered dress, a white-ice hat and a tissue that hid her face from curious and intriguing glances!  I did not know how to approach her, I tapped her gently on the shoulder to capture her attention.  She turned to me at the second tap.  She did not expect to see me there and so she looked at me as she would look at a stranger… “HELLO NICOLE, I AM ROBERTO CAVALLI…” her eyes lit up and she threw her arms around my neck!   She then left the people with whom she was conversing.  We talked for a few minutes, many small questions and we left each other with the promise to meet again soon.  I introduced her to a good friend who was at my side… she was so excited… Nicole Kidman is really a great and special woman!

Roberto Cavalli - Melbourne CupA few minutes before the start of the derby…we are escorted to our stand in front of the arrival line.  From that position it is easier to follow the horses approaching the start boxes. I have a clear view of the audience below me… thousands of hats of different colors. A mandatory accessory for these equestrian events!   A fashion display
at its best.

In order not to lose my gambling addiction and to show that many years ago I was a big horse expert, I bet on number four, Super Cool, even his name is nice. Winning $200 and $200 placed! His musculature is perfect, as well as the expression in his eyes, “will to win”.

THEY’RE OFF! The cages fly open and Super Cool is in the top position… 3200 meters… a very long ride… I fear that my horse has launched too soon… they are at the finish line now… I am very engaged… Super Cool is second!

My knowledge is not bad! I won a few dollars but I enjoyed it immensely. A beautiful day, a new experience!

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. aura prieto diaz
    aura prieto diaz says:

    Te felicito Roberto, cada dia nos sorprendes con la majestuosidad de tus creaciones. En colombia tienes una gran cantidad de personas que somos tus fans. Te adoramos y nos gustaria verte visitando nuestro hermoso pais que te recibira con una enorme alegria .Un abrazo enorme y de nuevo…..ERES EL DIOS DE LA MODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

  2. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Hello Mr. Cavalli!!! It’s been ages since i read the posts on your blog. Roberto i promise to get improved and follow you as I did when you had just started your awesome Blog full of adventures. I am happy you have a good time in Australia. Love the photos. You style is perfect as always. The man of my dreams should look like you Mr. Cavalli 🙂
    I like Nicole Kidman, glad you are friends with her. I fell in love with her since I watched “Moulin Rouge”. Ewan McGregor and she looked a perfect couple to me. It’s a shame your friendship with Lenny Kravitz was broken. I think a true friendship is above all and people should take care of it. Sometimes it doesn’t depend on us though.
    Roberto your number four Super Cool is second and it means he has almost won. My congratulations! I always love when you say “… Maybe I’m lucky in love…”. I wish you luck in everything you do. By the way I’m extremely happy to learn you are going to open the Cavalli Hotel! It’s the best news ever!!! Wish you all the best on your project!

    Kisses and hugs



  3. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    Io Amo i Murales… o l’arte su strada ” con i gessetti” sono incredibbili!!!
    Ci vorrebbe un Murales Roberto Cavalli che racchiudi tutti i 40 anni di Moda…chissá come sarebbe!
    …sono proprio curiosa di sapere come si chiamava,il cavallo che é arrivato primo?? 😀

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