153. Maybe… this is the End of my Australian Adventure…

Roberto Cavalli153. Maybe… this is the End of my Australian Adventure…

I didn’t know how to spend an afternoon in Melbourne so I decided to visit the Zoo.  I had heard lots of good comments… this is one of the best in the world!

I hoped to be able to take some pictures of some strange animals that I could use in my upcoming collections.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything suitable for this purpose.

While I was walking down on a slope of small stones with my big Canon camera, a forced path between one cage and the other, I slipped forward badly. The big Canon camera came between the ground and me as I fell forward on my chest.

A sharp pain… I can’t breathe… I try to get up and realize immediately that I have damaged the Canon lens and my ribs!

Now what? My friends promptly take me to the hospital.  After an X-ray, the doctor diagnoses two broken ribs.  One of the most tedious and painful fractures because there is no remedy other than to wait for the natural healing!

The pain increases, especially at night. What to do? Shall I continue the Australian adventure or go back to Italy?  After such mishaps you only want to lie down in your own bed!

Kangaroo Island - Australia

Kangaroo Island – Australia

We decide to wait a few days in the hope that the pain will diminish…  We decide to leave for Kangaroo Island on a small rented propeller plane. The journey takes about an hour but it seems very long.  A small hurricane makes us bounce around for the whole trip.  I am used to such discomfort when I pilot my helicopter, but this is beyond the limits!

Finally we arrive at the island and head straight for the hotel. A beautiful hotel, hidden in the forest and situated on a long rock overlooking the ocean which, that day, was stirred up by a small storm, WONDERFUL!

Meanwhile, my chest pain is increasing, the great turbulence made me bounce too much, every jolt was a twinge of pain!

kangarooThe next morning, very early, a guide takes us in a big SUV to a place deep in the forest.  Kangaroos… kangaroos… and more kangaroos… nothing else!  From the smallest to the biggest… there are many various types. A unique and interesting animal.  I didn’t know that their meat is part of the Australian cuisine! I refused to taste it…

koalaBefore returning to the hotel the guide takes us to visit a farm where they are breeding Koalas.  Lots of Koalas… they sleep twenty hours a day and when they wake up they make love.

In the evening I feel really destroyed… at that point I realize I cannot continue.  We were supposed to go to Darwin, a city in the north, and then to continue with a small airplane towards a National Park!  Too much stress for my aching ribs.

With tears in my eyes I decide to change the program. I kept myself free from work until the 13th and so I don’t want to go back to the studio right away.  I then decided to stop for three days in the Maldives.  It will be a restful vacation.  Relaxation and sun!  I really need it!

Un bacino a tutti…
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    come si direbbe in fiorentino…o te che mi combini!
    Piú che un avventura in Australia e stata una rottura…apparte le battute Sign. Roberto spero si rimetta presto!!!!
    Le Foto dei paesaggi sono Stupende!!!!
    Con Affetto

  2. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Hello Mr. Cavalli! I’m so sorry you are in pain now. It’s made me very sad. Hope you get better soon. Roberto I’m praying for your soon recovery. Maldives islands is a perfect place for you now. I believe the bright sun and a beautiful nature will cure your pain.
    My best wishes for your soon recovery Mr. Cavalli!

    Kisses and hugs



  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!
    Mi spiace che ti sei fatto male, come mi spiace che hai dovuto cambiare programmi…… Certo che sfortuna!! (per non dire peggio!!)
    Spero che alle maldive tu ti rimetta alla grande…….magari ti aiuterà anche la nostra grande Viola (che quest’anno è veramente una goduria vederla giocare!!!!) con la vittoria di oggi……3-1 al milan a Milano….con un rigore inesistente per il milan, e dovevano giocare in 10 tutto il secondo tempo…..disonesti!!!
    Ma abbiamo vinto…..e come si dice a Firenze : San Giovanni un vòle inganni! 🙂
    Riposati Roberto, e torna alla grande!! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio

  4. Gabriela Ghorbani
    Gabriela Ghorbani says:

    Dear Roberto,

    This is Gabriela, I met you in the Maldives, it was truly a pleasure meeting both of you.
    I pray that you feel better and that you have a safe return to your next destination.

    We are in Dubai, if you could message me with the info on Cavalli’s that will be great.

    Thank you and looking forward to it!

    Gabriela Ghorbani

  5. yana
    yana says:

    Oh no….. povere costole! povero objettivo!!!:)))) quindi é un “Canonista”?:)) per caso o per esperienza?

    Buone vacanze, aspetto le Sue foto dalle Maldive!

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