159. Many Princes and Princesses…

Roberto - Maria Eva - Eva159. Many Princes and Princesses…

It is Maria Eva’s Birthday, she is 5 years old and she is beautiful, a Scorpio like me!

She is delightful.  Maybe I sound like a fanatical grandfather, but Maria Eva is really special.  A little Miss, already in love with life and all the beautiful things that compose it, especially all those little things that can make it more beautiful!

But who is she like?  Surely her grandmother Eva who is her great love!  She admires her beauty and elegance. She likes to hug her and savor her perfume. I cannot deny that I am a little jealous… but I’m so happy for Eva.  A special woman who has devoted so much of her life to work and is now rediscovering the wonder of holding a baby in her arms again!

Rachele, to celebrate Maria Eva’s birthday, has organized a big party in the large family home. She invited all her classmates and all the grandchildren.

The invitation card was gorgeous.  Rachele has found, on the Internet, a company that prints what you want in just a few hours.  She designed the card so that all children received a luxurious invitation “GALA FOR PRINCES AND PRINCESSES!”

I have not had so much fun for a long time.  Children are wonderful… they are always beautiful! I was amused to discover so much diversity of character in them.

All the children wore fantastic costumes.  The princesses were garlanded and made up perfectly and shone in their joy with so much emotion!  Some girls hesitated to join in the games of the other children… shyness… fear.  Some children, clutching their mother’s hands tightly, waited for the right time to begin to roll with others.  Each of them had completely forgotten to be a prince or a princess!

The moment the cake with candles arrived all the moms, dads and children gathered around the table.  Maria Eva stood in the front row ready to blow out the candles… with screams of delight all around her.

Eva and Rachele had decorated a room… lots of pink balloons… a large table in the center to receive the many gifts that her little guests had kindly brought for her.

Gifts wrapped in bright colors… so much joy… wanting to have fun… and… much LOVE!

Un bacino a tutti…

Roberto Cavalli
Maria Eva's 5th Birthday

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  1. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    La felicitá dei bambini é sempre una gioia infinita.
    …. a si, ne só qualcosa di organizzare compleanni di principesse. 😀
    Ma la Torta é meravigliosa!!!!

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Auguri Maria Eva!!
    Che bel compleanno deve essere stato…. 🙂
    Che fortuna avere delle nipotine così belle (e loro un nonno così grande!!)
    Un Abrraccio

  3. Maia
    Maia says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Maria Eva! I remember the serious and imtelligent expression of your face when you were a five month old baby. You have changed so much! What a beautiful party your mom organized for you! The best gift life has given you is your family: Don’t forget that! Tanti auguri, Maria Eva!

  4. yana
    yana says:

    OOOH MIO DIIIIO, CHE BELLO!!! devo fare vedere queste foto a mia figlia, pure lei é in fase di principessa da un bel pó, votrebbe indossare i suoi vestiti lunghi e luccicanti giorno e notte… fará 5 anni a marzo:))))

  5. Virginia Negri
    Virginia Negri says:

    Non si preoccupi Signor Cavalli…………tutti i nonni impazziscono per i nipoti!!!!!!!
    La mia mamma dice che è un amore che rinasce e scoppia nel cuore, quello che ha per i miei figli!!!!
    Auguri ancora!

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