160. Beautiful Eyes Must Be Protected From Sunlight…

Roberto Cavalli - Eyewear160. Beautiful Eyes Must Be Protected From Sunlight…

I receive so many compliments every day from my fans and admirers for the beauty of my sunglasses.

Marcolin is the largest and most important company in the  production and distribution of Roberto Cavalli Eyewear.  I dedicate a lot of time to studying our collections with the Marcolin designers and technicians.  I am very satisfied with my day, tired but happy to have found new ideas, new shapes and new materials!

Marcolin’s creative director, Marco Galleani, had brought me some sunglasses as a surprise and as a birthday present.  He knows my preferences for shape and color.  We spent the first half hour of our meeting trying on the glasses and commenting upon them.  The sunglasses are part of my look and I cannot help but wear them day and night!

Roberto Cavalli Eyewear Wild Diva - Special Sunglasses Edition

Roberto Cavalli Eyewear Wild Diva – Special Sunglasses Edition

We spend several hours analyzing all the prototypes for our next collection… changing shapes and materials… a tour de force… tiring but satisfying.  Eva and Rachele help me in making decisions and choices, as well as occasionally acting as my Models!

Beyoncé wearing Roberto Cavalli Eyewear

Beyoncé wearing Roberto Cavalli Eyewear

Many new shapes, cat… rounded… drop… with rhinestones… inlaid with leather… turtle… glasses for everyone!  
We thought of the different fashion trends and needs of the various countries of the world whose people love my style!

I hope to have found an eyewear shape that is so special for you that you will love me for it!

Un bacino grande.

Roberto Cavalli

5 replies
  1. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Buonasera Mr. Cavalli, che occhiali mi piache specialmente il modello Wild diva amo i colori e lo stile,sei sempre grande salute Frøydis

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!
    Tra tutti i modelli mi piacciono quelli Viola…..chissà come mai? 🙂
    Ho sentito su Lady Radio la tua intervista sulla Fiorentina…..sei troppo forte!
    Un Abbraccio


  3. Davide
    Davide says:

    Salve Signor Cavalli!
    Mi scusi se mi intrometto in questo post, ma anche io ho sentito la sua intervista su Lady Radio e volevo farle i miei complimenti.
    E’ un onore che un personaggio come Lei sia anche un grandissimo tifoso della mia squadra del Cuore, La Fiorentina!
    Le mando un caro saluto Viola.


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