165. India, New Delhi…

Roberto Cavalli165. India, New Delhi…

We arrived in New Delhi in the evening… a four and a half hour time difference.  I was very happy to leave for this trip.   The last few days in Florence and Milan were very intense… collections and small problems… even Eva has been increasingly occupied with such commitments… her admiration and esteem have always been my drug to create and feel full of life!

I drop off the suitcase at the hotel and make a short tour of the mega suite that I shall be staying in… incredibly large and luxurious… a unique experience.  The second room is for my daughter Cristiana and her husband Francesco.

Roberto Cavalli CommunicationThe journey begins in the best way!  We came to New Delhi for the opening of the new boutique and the Cavalli Caffè which is connected to the boutique.  The entire Cavalli communication crew has accompanied me on this new adventure, Massimo Veneziano, Benedetta, Sylvia, Gregoire and Michele.

The first meeting takes place in a typical Indian restaurant in New Delhi to which we were invited soon after our arrival!  A special and traditional restaurant. It’s strange being in a place so different after just a few hours of travel.  A land of so many different cultures and culinary traditions… so different from what we are used to.  Lots of meat, many sauces, very spicy… a huge piece of freshly baked Indian bread is in the center of the table, very good. I satisfied my appetite!

My desire now is to dive into the big bed in the mega room and sleep as long as possible…

The next day will be full of events of all kinds.  I shall be in great shape!  Wake up call at 9, which for the timezone and my Italian habits corresponds to half past four in the morning… a cold shower gives me a little charge!

Roberto Cavalli LimousineA long white limousine takes us to the entrance of the shopping center where the new boutique is located.  An hour’s drive through the town, crazy traffic jams!  We are in the queue at every traffic light with motorbikes whizzing all around us.  It is not possible to keep the window open.   At each stop many small children and older people demand a coin… it is on these occasions that you experience the India of the movie “Millionaire.”

Upon our arrival many photographers are waiting for us, I feel like a rock star again… after a visit to the new boutique and the coffee shop we go to a VIP room, again… so many journalists and TV Stations… fun but tiring!  So many questions! I like to answer with different answers… a kind word… a compliment to all… I shine in my enjoyment of India!

Roberto Cavalli at the fabric marketBefore returning to the hotel I want to stop in a small market of Indian fabrics.  I am not familiar with their currency, the Indian Rupee.  I merely observe and hear the prayers of the vendors and children who insistently asked for alms.

One hour of deep rest before getting ready for a “very special” evening I will tell you about tomorrow…

I have so much to tell you…!

Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli - New Delhi

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Mamma mia come è bello il cavallicaffè in India…..complimenti davvero!
    E’ veramente…..Estetico…! Si vede che c’è il tuo “tocco”…. 🙂
    Leggendo una parte del tuo post però, non posso negare che un senso di leggera tristezza mi ha pervaso…
    Pensare che ci possano essere così tante persone che devono vivere chiedendo l’elemosina…..è veramente brutto. Sò che ci sono diversi enti che stanno lavorando in quelle zone per aiutare la popolazione, da medici senza frontiere, alle istituzioni ecclesiastiche Cattoliche, alla fondazione “La via della felicità”, ai volontari di un’associazione per i diritti umani.
    Spero davvero che possano fare qualcosa a riguardo. Io, nel mio piccolo, ho devoluto ad una di queste associazioni il mio 5 per mille. Non è moltissimo, ma è un’inizio, e spero che sia un inizio anche per queste persone…!
    Facci sapere gli sviluppi delle tue avventure! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio.

  2. Oliviero Migneco
    Oliviero Migneco says:

    Roberto sei un grande. mi ricordo di te quando eravamo vicini di casa in via maragliano. mi ricordo molto bene di tua madre Marcella e di tua sorella Lietta. Tutti e due abbiamo fatto molta strada. io ora vivo fra la California ed in Vietnam. contattami se puoi. ho visto il tuo negozio di Saigon. Io vivo parzialmente in Nha Trang una localita di mare 300 miles ad est di Saigon. A presto Oliver

  3. Gurtej
    Gurtej says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE and BEYOND LOVE your clothes!!! ♥ ♥
    please do open a Cavalli Cafe in Mumbai as well…M desperately waiting!
    Congratulations on the opening of your Cafe ♥

    Load of Love –

  4. Gabriela Ghorbani
    Gabriela Ghorbani says:

    Congratulations Roberto! absolutely beautiful!, I will be there on my next visit !
    I love India and their people! I was there not long ago, and going back to visit several small schools we helped build there in a rural area in the north part of India. I’ll be taking youth with me and we will volunteer there for almost 2 weeks. How ever, I will love, love to visit and shop in your new store there!

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