173. 2013, Will Be a Wonderful Year, I Can Feel it!

Roberto Cavalli173. 2013, will be a wonderful year, I can feel it!

Although right now I can not express all my happiness, it is because at this moment I am not in a good mood…

I am certain that 2013 will be a year to remember…

It would inspire me more if it were a leap year since leap years are great for me, I was born  a Friday in a leap year. I’m sure that the number 13 will bring me luck. I also want to play the Lotto!

As you can see I am the same, I am not changed!

Do you want to know about my holidays or the latest mess from the world of politics in Italy!  Berlusconi got engaged!  Beautiful woman… if he gave 10,000 Euro/month to the former girlfriends he will give a layette of real diamonds to this one!

But the most terrible thing is that he wants to continue in politics! Surely, he needs to pay a few mega debts and he hopes to get some new law that can save him from having to pay them.

Monti also has greatly disappointed me. I thought he would be the next president of Italy.  Instead he got to like his former role in politics!  Politics are tempting to all, rummaging in the pockets of 60 million Italians.
Or maybe, he will ask for some advice from Berlusconi, on how to spend the boring evenings at Palazzo Chigi!

The League Political Party, I cannot comment on them, I have no words to make you smile… just cry! Lets forget about it…

Cristiana and Francesco

Cristiana and Francesco

I left for Dubai on December 27th with my inseparable companion, two of my children with husband and wife and four grandchildren! I forgot to mention Lupo, my baby!

I have already spoken of the wonderful CAVALLI CLUB, one of the most important club / restaurants in the world! The owner Joe Tabet, sent his private plane and rented a beautiful villa, almost on the beach, at the hotel Kampisky.

We were all very curious and excited to see this villa that Joe had made available… it has a small rooftop pool with heated water and a large terrace for sunbathing…

I was delighted to see the excitement of the children and us adults!

Roberto CavalliThey had organized a sort of wine cellar and set it up as playroom… a large Christmas tree… with many packages in a shiny red paper full of stars! Lupo also found some toys and fake bones…!

I was very happy and proud to have made everyone happy…

We had so many programs… desert… aquarium… dolphins… but the whole thing was so special that we have implemented only a small part of what we had planned!

From tomorrow I begin again to be with you… I hope you missed me…

Vi mando un bacino grandissimo…

Roberto Cavalli

The Villa, Dubai

The Villa, Dubai

Cavalli Club - Dubai

Cavalli Club – Dubai





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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    ahahaha sai che coppia Berlusconi e Monti a fare le “burlesque” (le chiama burlesque lui…..) insieme…. un film comico!!!……oddio…più che comico un film dell’orrore!!!!
    Grande Cavalli!!! Bentornato e buona fortuna per il 2013…….sono sicuro che sarà un anno davvero bello! (anche se per la Viola è iniziato un pochino maluccio…..)
    Un Abbraccio 🙂


  2. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Hello Mr. Cavalli! I was a bit disappointed when i saw your post written in Italian not English but as long as we have Google it’s not a problem lol
    Roberto I’m so happy you had a wonderful holiday with your big family! Thank you for sharing the fantastic photos of you at Villa, Cavalli Club and Dubai city.. The pics look absolutely awesome. I can’t express my emotions with words.. Dubai has always been a special city to me!
    I’ve missed you and your Blog a lot Mr. Cavalli.. Happy you’re back to us again 🙂
    Can’t wait for your next post!

    Kisses and hugs



  3. Dana Gollance
    Dana Gollance says:

    Dear Mr. Cavalli, Your clothes have inspired me so much! Your kaftans are so glamorous and fabulous for everywhere in the world. I’ve worn them confidently from New York to Istanbul. Really, I feel that I am collecting your art. I look forward to seeing which cultures and travels you will draw upon next. Wishing you the best in 2013. Cheers, Dana

  4. yana
    yana says:

    Roberto, mi fido di te, se dici che sará un anno meraviglioso, lo sará sicuramente!!!!!

    Hai raccontato pochissimo della vostra festa di Natale… cosa ti hanno regalato? pure noi abbiamo messo due regali sotto l’albero di Natale per un cagnolino… anche se a me i cani non piacciono molto… ho avuto un cane da piccola, ma ho fatto una esperienza brutta… comunque, con i nostri SETTANTACINQUE regali di Natale divisi per 12 persone non potevamo non considerare il cagnolino Lollo:)))))

    Ancora Auguri!!!

  5. Areta toli
    Areta toli says:

    E sempre bello vedere che certe persone non sono grandi solamente in quello k retrae il loro nome ma sono grandi anche nell’ cuore… 🙂
    Vi auguro che sia davvero un buon anno. Siette una persona adorabile in tutto quello ke fatte 🙂

  6. Adriana
    Adriana says:

    De todo corazón le deseo que se saque la Lotería, no lo necesita pero solo por la experiencia de saber que se siente; que Dios le bendiga y le siga dando tanta bella inspiración !!!!

  7. Taguhi Lusikyan
    Taguhi Lusikyan says:

    Dear Mr Cavalli,

    I m Taguhi, writing you from Los Angeles, First of all, thank you for being there in the fashion industry… but most importantly, I just read your “My list in 24 hours” in Bazaar, I was amazed by your sense of humor, your style of writing/expressing yourself. If your inspiration is femininity (as you have mentioned), I was inspired by reading that one page in Bazaar’s February Issue and enjoyed it as if I was reading a short paragraph from a book.
    That’s all I wanted to say.
    Very best to you.

  8. Nadia Carmen
    Nadia Carmen says:

    Salve! volevo semplicemente congratularmi con lei : mi sono imbattuta in una sua bellissima intervista stamattina, non ricordo bene il canale, forse rai 5 e sono rimasta colpita dal suo punto di vista, le sue idee , il suo carattere, mi ha emozionato davvero…..perché dietro di lei si nasconde una persona semplice dall’animo nobile, cosa rara per chi oggigiorno vive nel successo e in una società tarlata.
    I really wish you a great 2013 with your beautiful family 🙂

  9. Roberto Ruega
    Roberto Ruega says:

    E’ l’anno del Serpente in Asia ….sapremo districare ad ogni percorso con forza come fa propio il serpente ..Anche io mi auguro che sia un anno super ma veramente super ps: (e poi…la pelle del serpente…..molto Cavalli Style ) Cordialita’ by Sama Sama


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