189. Casting… Fitting… Show!

Roberto and Eva Cavalli189. Casting… Fitting… Show!

The casting was the most fun part before my Fashion Show, the exam when everybody will judge what I have created…

From the very beginning, which is the selection of the models, I am dedicated to the Just Cavalli fashion show.

Ardea and the Fashion Show Stylist are usually the ones who select the models.  This time I designed the collection, I conceived the show, so I want to choose the models as was my habit fifteen years ago!
I remember a lot of friends and customers congratulated me for both the collection and the models… beautiful and sexy.

Gianni Versace chose his models personally.  Many of those models went on to become “Top Models”.

I am dedicated in my casting by a great desire to choose a future “Top Model”.  Hundreds of girls, of all nationalities, are waiting patiently for their turn.

Some are badly dressed and with dirty hair… I do not understand why some of the agencies do not teach more professionalism, more personal grooming to these young girls, who are full of dreams but often with little money.

Each one is waiting her own turn… she then approaches Ardea’s desk…  along with her Photo Book.  I am sitting on a small zebra chair, not far away trying not to show interest!

Lupo at the Just Cavalli casting

Lupo at the Just Cavalli casting

Ardea look closely at all the photos, analyzes the names of the photographers and, if she consider the model interesting, has her try on one or more dresses.  An imperceptible nod of my head is enough to show my interest…

Young… very young, tall… very tall, skinny… very skinny… legs possibly bowlegged… an aquiline nose does not disturb… almost a virtue… makes them become “più speciali”… “più alla moda”!

Every once in awhile I show my approval for a “classica bella ragazza” classically beautiful girl… beautiful long hair, delicate breasts, blue eyes, staggering legs, slightly accentuated derriere… No… no… no… it is not “alla moda”!

“Please Roberto… she has to model… you are not going to bed with her… we cannot be criticized!”

Gianni Versace had the good fortune not to have Ardea… (just kidding!)

Cavalli cannot present a beautiful woman in his own fashion show, otherwise he hears “non alla moda”!

This is Fashion today.  We are overwhelmed with gay designers and photographers who do not like sexy women… hence today’s fashion is not for the woman who wants to look beautiful and sexy.   Advertising has the upper hand on the personality so that pretty young women want to lose weight to look more like the models in the advertisements…!

This time I adapted to fifty percent, but I promise you that in my next Just Cavalli Fashion Show, next September, I will listen only the values ​​of beauty that I’ve known since I was born!

Un bacino a tutti!


Roberto Cavalli
Just Cavalli casting
Just Cavalli casting
Just Cavalli casting
Just Cavalli casting
Just Cavalli casting
Just Cavalli casting

15 replies
  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    It is astonishing that girls who want to become models do no justice to themselves sending those pictures with such ungroomed appearance. Washing and brushing one’s hair is at anybody’s reach, regardless of one”s economic position. I agree with what you say today, Mr. Cavalli.

  2. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    😀 😀 :D…Mi sto crepando dalle risate Sign. Roberto…
    he he le modelle sono solo per sfilare!!!
    Cmq ha ragione lei ,ci vuole occhio nel scegliere la modella
    che entrerá nel vostro capolavoro,penso sia importante tanto quanto l’abito!!!!

    Grandeee Roberto

  3. Vale micchetti
    Vale micchetti says:

    Robi sono d’accordo con te. Voglio vederti fare uno show con le piu belle modelle ( vere belle ragazze) che ci sono in giro. Se non lo fai tu, non lo puo far nessuno. Ci conto………..

  4. Beverly jean Kawabe
    Beverly jean Kawabe says:

    No, No…the model is so important. In Harpers Bazar first I noticed the beautiful, sexy model and then the handbag she was carrying and then decided I had to have it…If the model had been average I would have skipped the page and lost out on buying my beautiful Cavalli bag….keep on choosing sexy, beautiful women and leave the others to the designers who are jealous of women because they can never be one!

  5. Raffaella
    Raffaella says:

    .. la scelta delle modelle é importante quanto l’abito.. Rivogliamo le Top. Americane, italiane, brasiliane, vi prego basta con le slavate dell’est.

  6. Raffaella
    Raffaella says:

    .. la scelta delle modelle é importante quanto l’abito.. Rivogliamo le Top. Americane, italiane, brasiliane, vi prego basta con le slavate dell’est. Ma poi é possibile che la sig.ra Ardea abbia più decisione di Mr.Cavalli?.. Roberto riprendi in mano la situazione please.

  7. Valentina
    Valentina says:

    Ciao Roberto ed Eva… complimenti per le vostre sfilate!! A me piacerebbe tanto lavorare con voi.. fare la modella per i vostri capi… Grazie!!

  8. Alessia
    Alessia says:

    Tutto bellissimo… Ho indossato tante aziende ma per Roberto cavalli non ho fatto mai niente ..e mi piacerebbe tanto fare per la sua azienda…poi il mio sogno una mia piccola linea by Alessia R. … Ma , Roberto cavalli la mia aspirazione … Chissà forse mio foglio sara’ del team …sei la mia eccellenza .. Cordialità Alessia

  9. Lorenza
    Lorenza says:

    Carissimo Roberto, affermare che Sue siano “parole sagge” sarebbe riduttivo! Ai giorni nostri la moda è presentata come un qualcosa di irraggiungibile se non si è altissime e magrissime, e in tal modo non si fa altro che scoraggiare coloro che sfortunatamente, o fortunatamente, si ritrovano ad essere un po’ più “pienotte”. Credo che la bravura di una modella non dipenda dal suo aspetto fisico, ma da ciò che è in grado di dimostrare una volta sulla passerella. Non si può sempre scegliere un certo tipo di modella, anche perché ritengo sia giusto che esse rappresentino il genere femminile … ma noi donne non siamo tutte alte e magre!! Anche noi ragazze pienotte vorremmo lavorare nel mondo della moda e indossare le Sue creazioni. Ci spero …
    Cordiali saluti, Lorenza.


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