195. A Show You Can Not Miss…

Roberto Cavalli - Eva Cavalli - Paolo Ruffini195. A Show You Can Not Miss…

I met Paolo Ruffini at the Just Cavalli in Milan two years ago. I’ve always been a fan of his.

The greatest American movie dubbed in Livornese dialect amused me so much. I recorded them on my computer and I enjoyed watching them during my long flights.

I could not help laughing and my neighbors often looked at me strangely not knowing the reason why I was laughing!

With Paolino, as we all call him and as he undersigns his text messages, we keep in touch. We like to cultivate our friendship with fun and at the same time philosophical text messages. Messages that I keep… they always remind me of a young person and a friend out of this world! (Like me!)

Paolino invited me to his show at the Teatro Verdi in Florence.
I returned from Milan and I invited Eva, our children and some friends to see the show. Most of them knew Paolino only by the annual Christmas comedy movie [cine-panettone] and at first they were maybe skeptical… a show of almost three hours can be terribly long if it is not fun!

THE FULL MONTY” this is the title of the laughable play that I saw last night in the Teatro Verdi!

Giovanni Vernassa, the director of the theater, welcomed us and accompanied us to the two private boxes that were assigned to us. I felt the joy of Eva and our children as they watched the show from the private boxes… if it were not a fun show the private box would offer the opportunity to doze off for a few minutes…

Instead, we spent almost three hours laughing and clapping… Many of you know the story of the six factory workers who are laid off. They have the idea of ​​creating a group of male strip-tease artists who perform in a theater for an audience of “women only” to earn a little money to pay their debts.
The Full Monty
Six former workers with bodies certainly not suitable for them to perform as strip-tease artists. However the need to earn is so great that they are committed to the idea with a lot of passion! Dancing … singing … performances away from their normal way of life…

Introduce yourself naked in front of an audience of only women? Madness! But as time passed and more debts piled up…!

Final very sexy… for the ladies! Very funny…!

All the actors were more than good, amazing! Acting… singing… dancing… Very good!

I cannot say BRAVO only to Paolino, the spontaneity of the whole company of actors gave us a wonderful three hours…

Claudia, Paolino’s wife, dressed as a punk, plays the most outrageous of all the young women who yearned to see the strip tease of the “beautiful boys”, former workers.

Each character was perfect in the role being played!

Three thoroughly recommended hours … but… only to those who love me!

Un bacino a tutti…

Roberto Cavalli

The Full Monty
Teatro Verdi - Firenze

Teatro Verdi – Firenze

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  1. Beverly Kawabe
    Beverly Kawabe says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us …I loved the movie and even though I could not understand the Italian I enjoyed the video tremendously …… Italian men are such hunks even the chubby ones:-) Unfortunately I live in Japan where Japanese men are nothing like the samurai movies. If they did the full Monty everyone would laugh and ask them to please put their clothes back on.

  2. Надежда
    Надежда says:

    Такой сюжет для нашей Сибири тоже бы подошел. Всюду недостаток работы и сексуальных мужчин. Роберто, это не про вас, У вас много работы и вы очень сексуален. Выступление задорное, веселое,и узнавемое,парни молодцы. Спасибо за возможность побывать в красивом театре. Золото с красным -роскошно.

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!
    E’ vero, ci siamo divertiti un sacco a Teatro!!
    E’ stato uno spettacolo veramente superlativo, molto ben fatto, e gli attori sono stati davvero EGREGI!
    E poi Paolino…. ehehe ma quanto s’è riso con i suoi video del Nido del Cuculo….e ora vederlo recitare così bene…. che dire… tanta roba!!
    Un Abbraccione!! 🙂


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