198.Kuwait City, Cavalli Caffè!

Roberto Cavalli198.Kuwait City, Cavalli Caffè!

I am just back from Kuwait City, I was there for the inauguration of the new Cavalli Caffé…

I’m really pleased. Following my directions the architects have created a welcoming fashionable atmosphere integrating different stylistic elements reminiscent of my animal drawings.

The Cavalli Caffè Kuwait City is a meeting point for fans of my fashion and culinary delights, a selection of delicious dishes of the best Italian cuisine. It is perfect for brunch, lunch or a trendy, glamorous evening…

We chose one of the most prestigious locations, The Grand Avenue Mall, the largest Mall in Kuwait.

But now I have to leave you, I’m off again to my next destination – Beirut…

Un bacino…


Roberto Cavalli
Cavalli Caffè - Kuwait

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  1. Assia
    Assia says:

    Good mornings cavalli (:
    I’m so happy for you (((((: you do very good job
    God bless you xxxxx
    Wish one day I meet you 🙂
    My birthday is soon 21may lol x
    Big hugs from me to my best ever ever designer in world <3
    Lots love Assia <3

  2. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Ciao Mr. Cavalli! Many congrats for the grand opening of your new fabulous Cavalli Caffe!!! It looks extremely gorgeous 🙂 Love the photos on the wall with you and your celebrity friends..

    Roberto I really missed the new posts on your Blog.. You must have been too busy with Caffee opening and lots of othe great stuff you create.. So happy to read this post today! 🙂

    Mr. Cavalli I wanna share some great news with you.. I have my birthday in the end of may and my amazing boyfriend is gifting me the most beautiful dresses in the world, Cavalli dresses!! I already got one and i can’t wait to get few more cause they look absolutely fantastic!!!
    Have a safe trip to Beirut Roberto!

    Kisses and hugs



  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!
    Come sempre…. bellissimo! (E si deve anche mangiare parecchio bene secondo me….. ) 🙂
    Un Abbraccione!

    PS: Siamo quarti, e ci giochiamo il terzo posto domenica….anche se sarà impossibile che non mandino il Milan in Champions League….. (Che senza tutti i favori arbitrali che ha avuto quest’anno sarebbe ottavo…si anche questa è l’italia…..). Però se succedesse il miracolo….. te lo immagini? Tutti al Piazzale!! 🙂

    JIJITH.KN says:

    Kuwait is famous for its hospitality& generosity especially in avenues mall we can see international cosmopolitanism. Grand welcome to this great land& wish you a great success.

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