206. Creative in the office…

Roberto Cavalli206. Creative in the office…

After nearly a month traveling around the world I am finally back in Milan. The beautiful images of Vienna are still imprinted in my mind …

I spent the whole weekend resting. I have to be fit to face next week commitments.

I love my job, I love to create and push my creativity to explore new areas. I enjoyed very much to create the Mini Cooper for the Life Ball, a project so different. I assimilated the use of different technologies and materials.

This week I’ll be in the office almost every day, a week dedicated to new projects… projects that I cannot tell you about just yet, but you will know about them soon…

Appointments… meetings… decisions to be taken… thoughts… and more meetings…! I am fortunate to be surrounded by valuable people… everything is always organized down to the smallest details… I almost have a telepathic connection with them… they are able to perceive the inflections in my voice… those subtle gestures that betray my approval…

I believe I’ve developed a sixth sense to understand the person in front of me instantaneously… if the proposed project is interesting… and what my decision should be…!

Mine are always important decisions, I decide for all the people who works for me and their families… their future depends on my decision… I cannot go wrong!

As you can see I also have to be creative in the office as… every new idea must be thoroughly investigated, evaluated and implemented!

I promise you that you’ll be the first to know my new projects… but you have to keep it a secret.

Un bacino grande…

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Office

Roberto Cavalli Office

Roberto Cavalli Office

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  1. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    C’é un Via Vai di Idee….
    se si accettano anche Collaboratrici online…Io ci sto!!!

    sempre con Affetto
    La Marí <3 :* 😀

  2. WXTCI
    WXTCI says:

    Hi Roberto & Eva So very beautiful pics Roberto beautiful day with the sun you very sweet with Eva xoxoxo love you Sharon Kylie & your Beautiful Familys

  3. Susanna
    Susanna says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring office! Congratulations also to the new boutique in Vienna and the success at life Ball! Wonderful photos! Vienna is one of my favourite cities, it´s such a magnificent center for arts and culture.


    Susanna Varis

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