208. Freedom…

Roberto Cavalli on Freedom208. Freedom…

Freedom is the name of my bat-zodiac. Unlike RC the mega-yacht, Freedom is fast… nimble… compact… ideal for moving across the length and breadth of the Mediterranean Sea… perfect for a weekend of complete relaxation!

Although on board a boat there is always something to do … Freedom is like a woman… constantly demanding your attention. You cannot afford to neglect her, even for a moment!

But in the end this is a part of the game and, when I’m onboard the bat-zodiac, my attention is focused… I snuggle it personally… often at the risk of making those around me jealous…

This weekend I decided to spend my time in Sardinia. With the complicity of Freedom I took off and enjoyed the tranquility that this island has to offer to those who know it and respect it…

Sardinia is beautiful in every season, but June is the perfect month… the spring has just left us and the summer is about to begin. You are able to savor the full tranquility and beauty of these places… the restaurants always have a table available… you walk quietly through the streets… so charming and characteristic… early in the morning I love to go out shopping in the local markets… fresh fish… vegetables… fruit… today I’m cooking!

Porto Rotondo is always able to fully recharge my battery…

The mega-midsummer-party belongs to the past and Sardinia, like a beautiful woman, knows when the time is right to change her gown…

My next appointment will be on the other side of the Mediterranean, in Montenegro where they are already waiting for me…

But let me indulge myself a little longer in the scents that are so typical of this island…

Un grande bacino!

Roberto Cavalli
Freedom at sunset

Roberto Cavalli - Freedom

Bat-Gommone - Big-Yacht

Bat-Gommone – Big-Yacht



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  1. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    Buon Giornoooooo Sign. Roberto
    Bellissimo questo Blog perché parla appunto di tranquillitá…di mare…di libertá!!!!!
    Io Amo il Mare… non mi ingelosirebbe il Batgommone!! ;D
    Quest’anno mi aspetta il mio amato Salento…
    se passa dalla Costa Ionica, ci viene a trovare ?…

    Con Tanto Affetto
    Marí 🙂

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!
    Certo che il Bat-Gommone….. è tanta roba!
    Ma una bella bandierina Viola a Prua….. O come ci starebbe? 🙂
    Un Abbraccione.


    PS: Lupo è sempre il numero uno!!!

  3. Bob Hroch
    Bob Hroch says:

    Sign. Roberto, Among those many interesting boats, your Freedom has caught the eyes of our 12 year old son Alexander. While we were walking around Porto Rotondo Marina, he was asking curiously about the yacht and who you were… My wife explained with passion all about fashion and the hard work behind your success. I was at peace that Sardegna offers many wonders you can imagine.
    Thanks for this beatiful day for our son. Bob

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