216. I’ll See You for a Coffee, in Saint-Tropez…

Roberto Cavalli216. I’ll see you for a coffee, in Saint-Tropez…

In the Summer of 1970 I spent most of my time in Saint-Tropez. In those days Saint Tropez was beginning to reach the height of its present glory… Brigitte Bardot and all the playboys of the world came… it became a must for the international beau monde.

The girls wore very different dresses then… the squaw style… pants flared… mini dresses… psychedelic flower designs… fringes… short t-shirts… jeans shorts… espadrilles… that was my world, I felt at home in it!

In August of 1973 I opened “Limbo”, my first boutique, in Saint-Tropez. A departure from the traditional boutique… there was sand on the floor and everybody went barefoot… the clothing was placed on shelves or hung seemingly at random while respecting a precise chromatic order…

One day Brigitte Bardot visited the boutique thus consecrating it so that it became a meeting place where fashionable people out shopping were happy to see and be seen…

Every day I worked hard to create something new… I bought some old scarves of all types and had them joined together mixing patterns and colors, creating tops, shirts and jackets to wear with jeans… I cut old trousers turning them into hot pants and jeans… I sewed leather and jeans together… it was a style that people went crazy over… I had fun…!

Today I am pleased to inaugurate my first Cavalli Café in France, in Saint-Tropez! Cavalli Cafè is located on the famous Place de la Garonne and is connected with my boutique so that one can enjoy a coffee break while shopping…!

Together with our architects we have created an environment that incorporates a style characteristic of the French Riviera with all its energy and magic with that of the Cavalli style! At the center of the room there are the roots of a wisteria plant that extends all the way to the terrace above…

Outside there are chairs and comfortable sofas upholstered in my animal print fabrics…elegant and refined atmosphere… good food… I’ll see you for a coffee in Saint-Tropez…

Un grande bacio…


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Vintage

Cavalli Caffä Saint-Tropez

Cavalli Caffä Saint-Tropez

Cavalli Caffä Saint-Tropez

Cavalli Caffä Saint-Tropez

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  1. yana
    yana says:

    BELLISSIMO!!! domani al lavoro bevendo caffé chiuderó gli occhi i mi immaggineró a Saint-Tropez…:))

    questo sabato dopo tanti profumi, alcuni foulard e un paio di borse ho finalmente acquistato il mio primo VESTITO Roberto Cavalli:)))) ok, ok, Just Cavalli…:)) qualcosa di abbastanza semplice per poter indossarlo pure al lavoro… nero e blu, i miei colori preferiti:)) un acquisto decisamente ispirato da questo blog:)))))))

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