220. A Memorable Cocktail Party in Saint-Tropez…

Roberto Cavalli with Lupo - Saint-Tropez220. A Memorable Cocktail Party in Saint-Tropez…

The French Riviera is very beautiful… Saint-Tropez is a jewel in the crown!

Maybe because I have so many happy memories here… maybe because I am in the good company of my friends… maybe because this is a special evening… maybe because I’m surrounded by beautiful women all dressed in Cavalli!

A cocktail party at Cavalli Cafe Saint-Tropez this evening for the grand opening! Not to be missed…

We arrived yesterday and, after mooring RC the mega boat, we strolled around town merging ourselves with the many tourists who, these days, transform this peaceful place into a little metropolis…

A special evening at the Cavalli Café… many, many friends are here attending this event… I’m sure that in the coming days lots of photos will begin to appear on Facebook…! Many people ask me for an autograph… a picture… and it is a pleasure to spread smiles in the company of my fans…

We continue the evening in one of those intimate restaurants, so characteristic of Saint-Tropez, that you can only find here in this corner of paradise…

Un abbraccio, forte…


Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli Caffä Saint-Tropez

Cavalli Caffä Saint-Tropez

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  1. Kamal L Wyatt
    Kamal L Wyatt says:

    “maybe because I’m surrounded by beautiful women all dressed in Cavalli!” very well said Snr, bravo! I do not consider my self a fan of many things. I mean, I love the movies, I love a good story to read, but that is about it. Oh yes, of course I have my favorite artist, foods and vino also. But I have never followed any one as much and as long as I have followed you. I remember the first time I became a fan – it was a system to discovery as most things are. I had just seen a movie called “The Brothers Bloom” Staring none other then your friend Adrien Brody. I really liked the film and the wardrobe. Later, as I was researching the film, I ran across a photo of Adrien entering a night club wearing a beatiful white Cavalli blazer. And from that moment I became a fan of yours. And because you are so very active on the social networks it was easy to stay interested and fall in love with the designs both men, women, and childrens wear, over and over again. I hope that you will make a film soon. I would love to hear your story. Good night. KW

    CAVALLINO says:

    Ciao ROberto! Sei sempre in grande forma!! chissà quando riuscirò io a farmi fare l’autografo da Te…sei il mio mitoooo … vorrei farti capire quanto sei importante per me… I love you !!! xoxo

  3. yana
    yana says:

    Hmmmm… vorrei poter andare a vedere Saint-Tropez e Cavalli Café ma non sarà possibile prossimamente… dovrei provare a fare una passegiatina con il street view di Google maps:)))))

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