223. Ferragosto!

Roberto Cavalli223. Ferragosto!

Punctual as always, Ferragosto is here!

Ferragosto is an Italian holiday, is the most festive day of the year… it’s not a religious or a political party holiday. The celebration of the Ferragosto, from the Latin Feriae Augusti – Augustus’ rest, dates back to the ancient Romans and was created by the Emperor Augustus as a day devoted to rest after the labors of the harvest.

Every year on August 15 each town celebrates Ferragosto, the great midsummer festival, with street parties and fireworks…

It is a celebration that marks the turning point that divides the year into two parts. After Ferragosto we, in the fashion world, start thinking about the fall fashion shows and the projects that we suspended in late July…

For me, Ferragosto is also a time for reflection. It is when I make a mental report to myself on the first half of the year and get ready to face the new challenges of the autumn / winter…

As I already wrote earlier this year LINK, 2013 is an important year for my fashion and I am very happy with my new projects…

Just Cavalli has finally healed. My baby was in need of my care and my attention… today Just Cavalli is a great source of satisfaction and pleasure for me… Just Cavalli, The Perfume, is a success… here I am in the company of the beautiful Georgia May Jagger… LINK

I opened several Cavalli Caffès… in Beirut LINK LINK, Kuwait City LINK, Saint-Tropez LINK. The pleasure of a good coffee and a tasty snack with a glamorous atmosphere is spreading around the world…

The collections were a success:
– Roberto Cavalli Menswear Fall / Winter 2013/14 LINK
– Junior and Newborn Fall-Winter 2013-14 LINK
– CLASS Roberto Cavalli Fall / Winter 2013-14 Men’s Collection LINK
– Woman Fall / Winter 2013-14 Pre-Collection LINK
– Just Cavalli Fall / Winter 2013-2014 LINK
– Roberto Cavalli Fall / Winter 2013-2014 LINK
– The Collection Cavalli Home LINK LINK
– The accessories… LINK
– The men’s collection Spring / Summer 2014 LINK
– The collection of Franck Muller watches by Roberto Cavalli LINK

My favorite soccer team, Fiorentina, often made me sigh but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the games… LINK

I also had some problems with my shoulder LINK which fortunately are now completely resolved…

And then this year the Côte d’Azur has given us unique moments…
– Glamour … Beautiful Actresses … Cannes becomes a magical place… LINK
– AmfAR in Cap d’Antibes, Celebrities Research Support for Defeating AIDS LINK

And from the clamor of the Croisette to the magical atmosphere of Vienna… with the opening of the Vienna Boutique… LINK and the Life Ball event… LINK

The Lectio Magistralis at the Domus Academy in Milan… LINK

The first part of the year was a success…! I still have a few days of rest before going back to work. So many new projects are waiting for me…

Italy will be back to work… I’m very optimistic and I am sure that through our efforts and creativity, which is typical for Italians, we will revive our beloved Italy…

Un abbraccio…


Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli !!
    Come si dice dalle nostre parti…..ma quante ne fai (e bene, aggiungo)?? 🙂
    Si… il Feriae Augusti è proprio uno spartiacque….. RImangono i canonici 15 giorni di ferie…dove si rinizia già a pensare al lavoro prima di tornarci!
    E poi è anche il giorno dei gavettoni….anche quest’anno tra amici ci siamo “annaffiati” per 4 ore di fila, alla fine non c’era lembo di spiaggia asciutto! 🙂
    Insomma….ferragosto è ferragosto!
    E ora che è passato… godiamoci il resto……fino al 22, dove la nostra Viola affronterà il Grasshopper in Europa League a Zurigo…..(speriamo bene….!)
    Un Abbraccione!!


  2. lucy
    lucy says:

    HI, Roberto! My congratulations! After I had read the title of your message it dawned upon me that the word Ferragosto is pretty familiar to me. One more effort and I recalled the name of one of my favoirite Italian authors Alberto Moravia. “The troubles of Ferragosto” – is one of his charming Roman stories. I like to reread his piecies. Sure! No less pleasure than to wear the gowns with the logo JUST CAVALLI upon them. I have never been to Rome so far, but it seems to me that if I came to visit it I would fall in love with it in no time. I might talk of famouse Italians at a length and could hardly stand not to mention the name of my favourite producer Frederico Fellini. “8|2”! It’s a world masterpiece that would and could never be surpassed. Viva Italia and eminent Italians! Best wishes from Ukraine! Lucy.

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