23. Whitney Houston has left us! I shall miss her because I loved her!

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston has left us! I shall miss her because I loved her!
She loved my clothes and when she decided to come to choose a special dress, before some important event, I tried to be present in my showroom to advise and admire. She was beautiful!
Her body had escaped the passage of time but her eyes had become sadder.
I first meet her in the mid-eighties – a young beautiful girl with so much life and good humor.

Whitney was the cousin of Dionne Warwick, a true friend. Often together we would all go and discover some nuova cucina in New York and afterwards some buona musica! The memories are etched in my mind! I miss Whitney!

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

In a few hours I fly to Las Vegas. I cannot wait. Las Vegas can relax me and the frenzy of its eccessivo divertimento makes me forget all the problems that plague my everyday life.

I booked at the MGM hotel, one of the best and top hotels in Vegas.
It is a special apartment, Mega-Two-Bedrooms, a large living room with fireplace, and an indoor hot pool.

I like to play! I’m embarrassed to say so, but I like to play!
Definitely not a frenzied player, not addicted, wouldn’t bet my own mom!

I know myself, I quickly become tired and know how to quit if I am losing too much or if I am winning!

I am packing in a hurry, because, as always, I’m late.

Un bacino e…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    E già… E’ molto trieste saperlo, era davvero una grandissima artista con una voce capace di toccare l’emozioni più profonde. Ovviamente non sapevo che la conoscessi però più leggo i tuoi post più mi rendo conto che la domanda corretta non è “chi conosci” bensì “chi non conosci”! Poi pensandoci bene… Sei Roberto Cavalli!!! Sei un genio ed una persona fantastica dov’è lo stupore?
    Buon viaggio Maestro, LA aspetta soltanto la tua luce per brillare nel riflesso!

    We love you too


  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Whitney era una grandissima artista….è stato un colpo al cuore aver saputo della sua morte….
    Quei maledetti psicofarmaci…droghe legalizzate che ingrassano le casa farmaceutiche senza nessun risultato se non quello di rovinare le persone…..!! Spero solo che ovunque ora sia Whitney stia cantando con la sua spledida voce…..si la sua voce….che come ha giustamente detto Mathias era in grado di “toccare l’emozioni più profonde”…
    Withney, la tua melodia ci accompagnerà per sempre!
    Vai Roberto….già che sei a Las Vegas…vinci qualche soldo…almeno quando torni si compra qualche giocatore nuovo per la nostra magica Viola!!! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio.


  3. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    It’s so sad that Whitney passed away.. I was so shocked with this news.. Guess just like all the rest who loved her.. Listening to “I will always love you” my favourite song of hers made me cry.. Whitney and her beautiful music will always remain in our hearts…

    Mr. Cavalli I wish I could join you in your trip to Las Vegas!! It’s one of my dream cities!!! Although I’ve never been there I think there’s no other place like this in the world! I have a facebook friend Laura who lives in Vegas. We’ve become close friends and I hope to visit her one day!

    Roberto your apartment must be the best one in the whole hotel!!! Enjoy your time in Vegas!!! Have a safe flight!





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