245. Lectio Magistralis at the Oxford Union…

Roberto Cavalli245. Lectio Magistralis at the Oxford Union…

The Oxford Union Society, the prestigious Society of Oxford University, the oldest university in the world, has invited me for the second time to give a lectio magistralis and today I have the pleasure of meeting with over two hundred extremely well prepared students.

Here you feel yourself catapulted into another era… into another dimension… where time occupies a magical present…

Eva and Robert are here with me.

I’m emotional… for a moment the thought of disappointing the expectations of these young people opens a breach in my thoughts, but it’s just a flash… an instant… and then I know that I shall be able to convey my experience to them… I have so much advice that I want to pass on to them. I open the door … and the buzz in the great hall suddenly stops… then silence turns into applause… a wonderful welcome…

Risham Nadeem , a law student and member of the standing committee gives me the official welcome and introduces me to the attentive audience of students. I open by telling them of my beginnings… my first prints on fabrics… the first successes and the first problems… how my fashion evolved… my passion for colors… how inspiration came from the music I listened to at the time including the new music of the British rock bands… and then nature… flowers… animals… the beautiful clothes that God has created for them… the most interesting are those of snakes…

Time constraints here in Oxford are strict… I have to make the most of the time at my disposal… Risham Nadeem submits interesting questions from the students … precise, well articulated questions that reveal a thorough preparation on the subject of fashion… critical thinking with remarkable insights… I learn from them as I lecture to them…

The attention that I have received and the final applause confirms that I was able to convey my message, my enthusiasm and my optimism…

Now is the time for photos with them. The photos will later be posted on Facebook and Instagram…

Today I spent a exceptional day. Tonight I am looking forward to dinner with Eva and Robert who, as you know, is studying Fashion Management in London. Study reasons have kept him in England. This evening we shall celebrate my birthday together.

Un grande abbraccio…


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  1. Ann Notari
    Ann Notari says:

    Hello Sir, so wonderful to here you had a opportunity to share your experience, strength, and Hope! Remember this where ever your at, whether one on one or in front of a group you always have something to give away and share!! You are so valuable and that is the will of our Father (God) in Heaven! Loving one another and lifting each other up! Your giving will be remembered! Love You xoxo Ann in Torrance!

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!
    Artista, Stilista, Scrittore….. e pure professore! :
    Se continua così….tra poco ti chiamano anche a fare l’allenatore della Fiorentina! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio.


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