249. New York, New York…

Roberto Cavalli249. New York, New York…

New York is a city that gives me an incredible charge…
When I’m in New York I can not sit at home… every evening I have to do something different… there is so much to see… to try… to get to know…

To say no to an invitation means that you are really over-tired!

New York is a constant source of inspiration, different from the inspiration I get when I am in Florence. The energy of New York is unique… it electrifies you… it puts you in the future…

Strolling the streets of New York is a truly vitalizing experience… here you can find yourself strolling alongside a star and nobody stops you… this is a city where famous people are at home… it’s a habit and the citizens of New York are used to it…

I started going to New York in the eighties and my travels in this great metropolis became more and more frequent. Towards the end of the nineties I was fortunate to find an incredible place on Madison Avenue at the corner of Sixty-third Street…

It was perfect! That location would become the Roberto Cavalli boutique in New York! I devoted myself entirely to the project, a corner in that particular location in New York meant having a world class showcase.

At first I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew… I remember that I managed the public relations personally… the Americans loved me, they loved and understood my fashion, I felt that I was back in the seventies, when my fashion was the most beloved in the United States.

At the same time I opened a new showroom on Fifth Avenue, luxuriously furnished. I dreamed of turning it into a lounge where you could expect to meet all the Stars who lived there or were passing through New York.

Even today, after so many years, returning to New York electrifies me, it recharges me, awakens in me those feelings that only NYC can give me…

December is probably one of the best months to visit New York as it celebrates Christmas here in its own spectacularly special way.

This Christmas I want to bring a special gift to New York… stay tuned…

Un bacino…


Roberto Cavalli




My Christmas Tree in NYC

My Christmas Tree in NYC

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  1. SJ Harvey
    SJ Harvey says:

    Dearest Roberto Cavalli,
    Happy Holidays to you & your loves. New York is indeed electrifying in December, and even more so, with you on the scene!! It is so wonderful to be in the midst of everything and yet feel a sense of stillness-that, to me, is New York.
    Many thanks for consistently sharing your passion and energy with the world. You are warmth, even in the coldest of months.
    XoXo from SJ and saffronwishes.com

  2. miluca
    miluca says:

    Yo nunca he visitado New York pero imagino que debe de ser tan maravillosa como nos cuentas .
    Por otro lado enhorabuea por la tienda espero visitarla algún día y encuato al árbol hecho de menos esos lazos con print de animal .
    Un Saludo,

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