255. 13 post of 2013…

Roberto Cavalli255. 13 post of 2013…

Today I decided not to write, today I would like to invite you to read 13 posts of 2013…

This blog is my daily journal… is my channel to communicate with you… to convey my emotions… my Love…

These are the thirteen post of 2013 that I have chosen for you… it’s a way to remember the 2013 and start with renewed enthusiasm this fantastic 2014!

Un grosso bacino…


1. 176. Columbus Day – That Boy from Puccini Square…

2. 181. I Began my Life as a Designer on Tiptoes…

3. 193. Italian Masterpieces… A Day in Murano

4. 200. Duecento, Two hundred!

5. 203. amfAR in Cap d’Antibes, Celebrities in Support of the Research to Defeat AIDS

6. 205. A Thousand and One Nights Life Ball…

7. 211. Lectio Magistralis at the Domus Academy…

8. 214. The Genius… The Visionary… Michael Jackson!

9. 219. Mediterranean Sea, the sea of ​​a thousand faces…

10. 223. Ferragosto!

11. 228. Shorten that skirt… move those buttons… little touches before the big fashion show…

12. 230. JUST ME!

13. 245. Lectio Magistralis at the Oxford Union…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Ann Notari
    Ann Notari says:

    Hello Sir, having read all of your post again,I am reminded of a man with many adventures! In writing about them you do so with utter kindness and consideration! Not to mention your Love for the ladies,Ha! Amen to that! I was quite moved by the disappointment of an expelled friendship and the feelings of fear you had to overcome! You were your own hero to yourself! You’re quite an extraordinary man tuned in to your feelings and the facts of life in your world! I wish you well in 2014! I look forward to hearing about what lies before you and the many tails to be told! Happy New Year! Love You, Anna XoXo

  2. Zubair Ahmed
    Zubair Ahmed says:

    I like all the Roberto Cavali’s dress for my daughters Zara 7 years and Sara 3 year & 8 months I purchase lot of dresses Mr. Cavali’s brand and I will be continue even price is high but looks wow when the dresses. Please Mr. Cavali’s please for them

  3. Maria G.
    Maria G. says:

    Sono 255 giorni che lei a dedicano a noi …
    un Anno FANTASTICO il 2013 per noi lettori
    abbiamo imparato a conoscerla… e ne siamo fieri!!!

    Buon Augurio per un Anno 2014 altrettanto
    ILLUMINANTE!!!!!!! 😀


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