269. Happy Birthday Gabriele!

Roberto Cavalli with Gabriele269. Happy Birthday Gabriele!

Today I celebrated my grandson’s birthday.
An angel named Gabriele… he came down from heaven to make us all happy….

I love spending time with my children and grandchildren… being a grandfather is like being a father again… but with more time… without worries… and with a lifetime of experience to tell and pass on…

Who knows which path Gabriele will choose to follow.. will he be an artist like his grandfather… or will he become a famous lawyer… the advice that I will give him is to always follow what he feels in his heart… because the heart is never wrong!

I decided to take a few days off. The Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli fashion shows and the opening of the boutique in Via Montenapoleone have taken up most of my time in recent months.

A race against time… an endless work that culminates in fifteen minutes on the runway… I call it the exam… and like every exam it must be prepared for down to the smallest details…

I love reading your messages and comments in the press… your feedback is what really matters to me… was I able to make you dream once again?

But I know… I cannot sit quiet for a long time… I’m already thinking about my next trip and the ideas for the next collection…

I can not stop creating… it’s the heart that commands me…

Vi abbraccio, forte, forte…


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli



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  1. Maribell Caban
    Maribell Caban says:


    What a humble soul you have. May God Bless you abundantly, and He Already Has 🙂 Thank you for this because I see a “different” you in this blog. A kind and wonderful person who wants more for his viewers and fans like me. I am bedridden and in an electric wheelchair from a disease I never knew I had. I was born with this and I made it to 50! God Is Good. Your show was Beautiful and the models and format was brilliant! Watching your show(s) online I always look forward to every season and it gives me Strength because I am a woman who loves to dress up, put on Jewelry even though I must stay in bed and can’t barely walk anymore. Nothing stops me and my will to live and fight and my love for fashion has taught me to be “humble”. I wish you the best on your grand opening in Via Montenapoleone and I applaud you Maestro, Bravo! Happiest birthday to your grandson, Gabrielle and maybe, who knows — he may just be like you and carry on your legacy for the future. An artist!

    Un abrazo,
    Maribelll Caban

  2. michelle Yan
    michelle Yan says:

    hallo ,Roberto , happy birthday to your lovely grandson Gabriele! am chinese girl from Chengdu , south west China , the hometown of the Pandas and banboos! my husband is from Wien , Vienna Austrian , I am so happy to know your wife Eva is also Austrian , since many years I have being loving your fashion designs so so heartily ! your design is so unique and fantanstic , really like a dream , so charming and natural ……
    now in chengdu there are 3 your just cavalli shops but still no your Roberto Cavalli Boutique , I really wish soon in chengdu I can see your charming Roberto Cavalli Boutique , Chengdu is also famous for beautiful women in china , they love and need to have your dream-beautiful Roberto Cavalli fashons too.
    I hope soon you can also come to visit my city Chengdu , here you can eat famous Sichuan hot pot and visit lot of old culture here .
    oh really wish you are always so healthy and energetic …liebe Gruesse zu deiner Frau Eva and wuensche ihr immer so schoen … you are my most beloved italian artist with the great love for the nature …
    alles Gute zu dir und deiner Famile ….welcome to Chengdu , china , here you will see you have so many Cavalli fans ..they wish for your Roberto Cavalli Boutique in Chengdu …
    your little chinese friend
    Michelle Yan





  4. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    I love youuuu Mr Cavalli! You have inspired me a lot with your creativity and wonderful pictures on Instagram. I’m looking forward to when you will be creative with the Ankara(African Print).
    Love youuuu

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