275. A Mega Birthday Party for Maria Carla…

Roberto Cavalli275. A Mega Birthday Party for Maria Carla…

I organized a mega birthday party for my granddaughter Maria Carla, Fili d’Oro as I call her because of her blond hair. Fifty children… a birthday to remember!

What a joy! Their enthusiasm drew me in… with their carefree joy and endless source of energy… for one whole day I was a child again!

Rachele arranged for a cake with classic candles and special pyrotechnic effects that captured the imagination of our young guests! Little joyful screams… laughs… children everywhere…

I wanted to preserve these moments, or maybe not… the way we travel during the course of our lives is great, every age is wonderful… every age encloses so many little secrets…

I remember when Rachele was Maria Carla’s age. Rachele is now a happy mother, I am proud of her, I read the happiness in her eyes…with a touch of magic, she is able to divide herself between work and family… a careful and thoughtful mother… an inexhaustible source of imagination when she creates the accessories collections…

I am a lucky father and a lucky grandfather…

Un bacino…


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli - Maria Carla Birthday

Roberto Cavalli - Maria Carla

Roberto Cavalli kissing Maria Carla

Roberto Cavalli with Maria Carla

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  1. Ann Notari
    Ann Notari says:

    Hello Sir! So wonderful to see you come full circle and now a future generation is before you! Being very much apart and taking part in their future! Oh what Joy! Your joy! Please take time to travel the sea’s and enjoy these precious years! Can’t wait to hear what your doing next! Love you Anna

  2. Maria G.
    Maria G. says:

    …anche qui attento che non manchi niente…subito la sedia..poi leopardata oviamente 😀 …per una Bellissima SpiderWoman…


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