290. Florence – Home Sweet Home…

Roberto Cavalli290. Florence – Home Sweet Home…

I love the French Riviera and the events that revolve around the Cannes Film Festival… it was such a pleasure to meet so many dear friends again…

Today I am back in Florence, home, hugging my grandchildren!
I missed my pets and I can tell you by their screams of delight they missed me as well.

Cannes has cuddled me… May is a special month for the French Riviera and every year I like to go back to get spoiled… it is like to travelling back in time… I remember when I had just opened my first boutique in Saint Tropez during the 70’s…

I am already back at work, the Uomo collection Fashion Show is less than a month away and this collection is fantastic… a breakthrough… special in every respect. I’m devoting all my energies to this collection which will mark an important moment in the history of the Maison Cavalli!

I want Cavalli Uomo to be innovating, interesting… irresistible… I want to revolutionize men’s clothing…

I have dedicated my entire life to dressing the most beautiful women in the world and now the time has come to concentrate some of my creativity to men clothes… no more boring suits… no more “uniforms”… creativity… imagination… colours… are the new parameters for Cavalli Uomo!

Un bacio…


Roberto Cavalli



Lupo and Blue


The Dream Factory

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  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    Hello Sir, so glad to hear you had a wonderful time in Cannes film festival event! I see you have a little family of pets eager to welcome you back! Ha! So glad to hear you taking a focused approach to your new men’s fashion collection! I am very sure you will outdo yourself and it will be your very best! The fashion for men, have often been plain and boring! The same old thing! Like you said, it is in need of more creativity, color and imagination! Something you do very well!! We look forward to seeing your new creations! Until then, Love You Anna!

    CAVALLINO says:

    Che bella Notiziaaaaa !!!! Finalmente un po’ più di attenzione per l’Uomo….!!! Sono curiosissimo… Sai Roberto.. dalle bellissime Marche sto salendo su a Milano… la città dei divertimenti ma si spera anche del lavoro. Comincerà per me una nuova avventura… ma l’unica sicurezza è che nel tempo libero sarò fisso al Just Cavalli ! p.s. il tuo cocktail Cavalli Vs Cavalli è buonissimo (Rc Vodka + Rc Vino) sarà il cocktail dell’estate! Brindo all’Uomo Cavalli.. Cin cin

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!
    Son proprio curioso anche io di come sarà la nuova collezione uomo…
    Però il mio sogno è il Cavalli che fà anche le maglie alla Fiorentina………..e chissà…in futuro……. 🙂
    Ma come sono belli gli animali….?…amorosi!
    Un Abbraccio.

  4. Joe
    Joe says:

    Welcome bck to wher u belong. Cheers for the Cannes. Best wishes for the Men’s clothing line. Wanna see the new innovation from my great mentor. Cheers

  5. Deanna Sferruzzi
    Deanna Sferruzzi says:

    Dear Mr Cavalli,
    I love your everything and style this is a wonderful way to go!
    I really enjoy your fashion, I am inspired and you need to be in Australia!
    I need to be in Florence and design with you!
    Love#Peace xo

  6. Thabisile
    Thabisile says:

    My name is Thabisile Ndlovu i am from South Africa. i have been following your fashion line for all these years and i must say i am always surprised and excited to see what you create. somehow you seem to read my mind, the creativity you put in when you design a garment or just about anything, you do it with passion and love. last year September i traveled to Italy well not to so much to eat pizza or pasta but in hope i will be lucky enough to get into the Milan fashion show but oh wow i was not lucky enough but for comfort i went and sat at one of your stores look around enjoying and loving everything i see on the floor. i have develop such a strong love for your fashion line that i follow you in all social network, read all articles even can point out a garment if its your work without being informed or reading the label. well lately i have start collecting your perfumes, i enjoy them and loving the way i smell everyday when i go to work or go out with friends for a drink.

    in august i will be in Italy again and this time i hope i bump to you cause that will be my 2014 dream and off cause i want to shop even it a little cute print dress.

    i am a fan and i just love Roberto Cavalli


  7. Jody Dreher MacDonald
    Jody Dreher MacDonald says:

    Hello~ I will be visiting Florence in Feb 2015. Is it possible to tour Roberto Cavalli Florence Headquarters? Also on your new dedication to concentrating on menswear…May I suggest creating something like a vest w/ a tie attachement? To wear instead of a suit & tie for the summer months…. Sincerely, 😀 Jody <3

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