305. Light-hearted moments in the company of my grandchildren…

Roberto Cavalli305. Light-hearted moments in the company of my grandchildren…

I left Ibiza and the Balearic Islands in the hands of vacationers and moved to Sardinia. I’ll spend the rest of my vacation aboard the Freedom – the fast and agile bat-zodiac.

Due to its shallow draft and the absence of propellers Freedom allows me to move easily in shallow waters of Corsica and Sardinia.

I spent some time in the local supermarket in Porto Rotondo to replenish the galley and then we start our trip… my destination is the island of Cavallo.

Cavallo Island was already known at the time of the Roman Empire. The Romans sent prisoners there to extract granite for their monuments….

We crossed the Strait of Bonifacio that separates Corsica from Sardinia, a strip of sea only 6 miles wide. A treacherous stretch of sea feared by sailors because of its strong currents and numerous rocks close to the surface.

I know these places very well having sailed this route dozens of times. I always stop to admire the white cliffs of Bonifacio which make such a strong contrast with the deep blue of the sea, a unique spectacle.

We finally arrive at Cavallo Island. Here I feel at home… the tranquillity of this island is what I want right now… my grandchildren have come to greet my arrival at the port… I haven’t seen them for a few days but what a joy to find them again!

The following day I take them for a ride on the bat-zodiac… I promised them. Gabriele joins me at the helm, I confer upon him the title of vice-captain along with the official hat with its heraldic RC crest!

In the afternoon we are pampered by the crystal clear shallow waters of Cavallo Island, aided by the scorching sun and an overcrowded air mattress!

But… where do they get all this energy? They are tireless… they would like to spend the whole day in the water… I must confess that when I’m with them I feel their energy… is this the secret of eternal youth?

I wish you joy and happiness in the company of your loved ones…


Roberto Cavalli

freedom south of Corsica

RC at supermaket

RC Sandra Lupo

RC with Gabriele

RC with grandchildren

white rocks of Bonifacio

2 replies
  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    E finalmente un pò di ferie….. te le meriti! 🙂
    Che ganzo Gabriele col cappellino…! Secondo me è un ottimo vicecapitano…. tu che dici?
    Un grosso augurio di buone vacanze a te e famiglia!
    (E speriamo di tenere Cuadrado….!)
    Un Abbraccio.. 🙂


  2. Maia
    Maia says:

    Home is always home, BUT when one’s country has such an exuberant beauty as yours, it is understandable you directed your bow towards Sardinia, a GORGEOUS island. Italian coasts are very well known for their beauty. Gabriele, at this moment, is a blonde spitting image of you. Your emotions towards him run across your face on the picture you have posted. Saluti.

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