306. An Exhibition of Young Artists on board the Bat-Zodiac…

Roberto Cavalli306. An Exhibition of Young Artists on board the Bat-Zodiac…

The young artists are Ester, Sara, Anna, Gabriele and Maria Eva… they are ready to follow the footsteps of their grandfather Roberto and great maternal grandfather Giuseppe Rossi – a member of the Macchiaioli School with works exhibited at the Uffizi Gallery.

My young artists are fantastic! Just give them a blank sheet of paper and some colors with which they create their designs… all the joy and love of life…

These moments of carefree joy for me are a nice gift, the best gift I have ever received… takes me back in time, I remember the summer holidays, the love of my mother and the strong scents of summer….

Lupo is watching us with his deep eyes… curious… he is our accomplice in all this fun… to keep him busy I created an account for him on Instagram… follow him on Instagram @RC_Lupo!

The holidays continue in an atmosphere of total relaxation … and thanks to the versatility of the bat-zodiac each day we explore a new beach, a new island …

The water has a perfect temperature, never too cold or too hot … the currents that are created in this area help to keep these waters crystal clear…

Here the rocks are polished by the winds and often offer scenarios that seem to belong to other planets….

Unique moments in this corner of paradise with my young artists, my Angels!

Un bacione…


Roberto Cavalli

Art 1

Art 2

Roberto and Gabriele

Roberto Cavalli with family

Lupo @RC_Lupo

Lupo @RC_Lupo

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    A GREAT gift you can give your grandchildren -if you have not done so yet- would be the whole collection of the books of the following classical authors: Charles Dickens, Hans Christian Andersen, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and Emilio Salgari. I would start them with Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” -which I mentioned on this blog a long time ago-, and then would have them read Charles Dicken’s “The Great Expectations”. I would buy a collection for each group of grandchildren and make them share their books -though books should never be lent- with their friends when they come visit them. It is very important, as you very well know, to encourage kids to read in a very subtle manner. In my opinion, your grandchildren are living in an opulence their parents did not know to such extent -which has helped them keep their feet on the floor- that can harm them. Their upbringing should keep them as far as possible from VIPS scenarios. I would take them in “excursion” to Le Cascine every now and then, so they learn to appreciate what they have. It is very important to downplay the importance of their grandfather, so that they grow up with their own expectations, which should NEVER coincide with what their grandfather has accomplished in life, in order to guarantee their constitutional right to be happy with themselves the way they are. Cordialissimi saluti.

  2. Maia
    Maia says:

    Correction of a great erratum: The title of Charles Dickens’ novel is NOT “The Great Expectations”, BUT “Great Expectations”. AND last but not least: You are a GREAT grandfather, Mr. Cavalli and a very generous human being, as I have mentioned on this blog in the past. You seem to be the best friend of your friends. Your children have one thrillion reasons to feel very proud of you. The beauty of Tommaso’s soul comes across his face, as I have also said here before. You should feel very proud of him.. Gabriele’s eyes and facial expression resemble your psychology. He conveys a LOT of energy. Saluti

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