308 Happy Ferragosto!

Roberto and Cristiana Cavalli308 Happy Ferragosto!

How did you spend Ferragosto?

In Italy, Ferragosto is a holiday that is celebrated with parties, dinners and fireworks.

“Feriae Augusti” from the Latin “Rest of Augustus.” Mid-August is a holiday that dates back to the days of ancient Rome, founded by Emperor Augustus in 18 BC. It was originally the feast celebrating the end of harvest.

I’m in Greece where I am spending August in total tranquility in the fantastic setting of these islands which we remember for their long history of poets, scientists and navigators…

I can almost feel the presence of those ancient Gods who inspired the Greek culture for centuries…

The journey that took us to Greece was very interesting. We circumnavigated the southern part of Italy. The shores of our beautiful country offer unique scenery… the Mediterranean Sea is a legacy that we must respect and preserve to deliver it intact to our children, our grandchildren…

During the trip we met a couple of dolphins which accompanied us for a stretch of beautiful sea… fantastic animals… thanks to their flexibility and the power they can deliver to their tails these mammals are able to reach the incredible speed of 65 Km/h!

The Bat-Zodiac boat took us to the destination safely and quickly. Navigating it is a pleasure… a race car in the sea!

Propulsion, hydro jet: twin engines developing a power of 1850 hp each …
22 meters long and 5 meters wide and a depth of only one meter the Bat-Zodiac is the ideal boat for the Mediterranean Sea, fast, agile, essential…

I love to go fast in the sea, on land and in the sky…

Greece gives me great ideas for my next summer collection… the colours here are saturated, summer, festive… the deep blue sea that blends with the blue sky and the blinding white of the buildings…

I still have two weeks of vacation before returning to create new dreams, new emotions…


Roberto Cavalli



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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Grazie per i BELLISSIMI video e foto. Sono innamorata della Sua bat zodiac, e vedo che, inoltre, è velocissima! Bellissima foto con Cristiana, la mamma del promettente Gabriele. Quello importante ora è sfruttare delle meravigliose giornate nautiche in acque greche. ENJOY!!!


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