312 I am inspired by Nature…

Roberto Cavalli312 I am inspired by Nature…

Nature has always inspired me… how can you not take a cue from an artist like God?

Nature is color, it is joy, it is renewal, it is a hymn to life… the colours are able to influence our state of mind… to help us show us the way and so to change the course of events…

Colours are part of the very essence of our lives…

There are only a few days before the fashion shows in Milan…they will be a success… I know… I can feel it… I’m a seasoned sailor… I can feel the currents… I can interpret the waves and sense the winds of change…

My thoughts absorb me as I review the new collections and my mind carries me away at this new beginning of my continuing journey in fashion… it seems like only recently that I crossed the Apennines in the Fiat Cinquecento once a week to go to Como, crossing the Futa pass… the highway was still under construction. I worked twenty hours a day… my dream was to dress women with my creations… to make them even more beautiful… desirable… charming!

My experiments were bold, new printing methods… the first prints on leather and then the invention of stretch jeans… those jeans that looked like a second skin… a success! Creating, shaping, fashion does not stop at simple design but that goes beyond… a bold fashion.

I would like to thank God for His Blessing and continuing inspiration…

There are only a few days to go… a new collection… a new exam…


Roberto Cavalli


Roberto Cavalli in the Florence Headquarter

Roberto Cavalli Vintage

Roberto Cavalli Vintage

Roberto Cavalli Vintage

Roberto Cavalli Vintage

Roberto Cavalli Vintage

Roberto Cavalli Vintage

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Nella foto con le pitture Lei sembra IDENTICO a Gabriele!!! Per me l’anno incomincia in settembre, ma io sono la studentessa eterna. BELLISSIMA collezione vintage! Saluti

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