33. My day began earlier than usual…

Roberto Cavalli with Susan Plagemann

Roberto Cavalli with Susan Plagemann

33. My day began earlier than usual, a slight sun has finally broken the terrible cold that has had us in its grip until yesterday! I’m running to the showroom, I am always late. The fitting of Just Cavalli is waiting for me. To be more precise, at least ten models are already waiting for the fitting before tomorrow’s fashion show.

Just Cavalli Fitting

Just Cavalli Fitting

Lupo hardly keeps up with me!
Roberto… I hear someone calling my name with a strong American accent. Rushing along has dimmed my eyes so I do not see this beautiful blonde woman! She is Susan Plagemann, Vice President and Publisher of Vogue, a special person whom I admire for her beauty and simpatia!
Two kisses in great haste with the promise to see one another tomorrow at the Just Cavalli fashion show.
Many models are sitting on couches. The fitting has started without me! We had already chosen the dresses to assign to each model yesterday. Today we have the rehearsal and the latest corrections to be made on almost all of the dresses.
Something to change, a jacket to replace, a skirt to shorten, or perhaps I should say lot of skirts to shorten! All the skirts seem too long to me… Just Cavalli is a youthful line so I would rather have the skirts pretty short!

When we are all confident that each garment to be worn by a model is perfect, the photographer takes a picture that is attached to a panel where it serves as a reference.

I spend all day with so many beautiful models all of whom are trying on the clothes for the Fashion Show. Lupo is crouched under a table where he accepts the compliments and caresses people give him!

Just Cavalli Fitting

Just Cavalli Fitting

Well, almost everything is done now. Fatigue is combined with the anxiety of the day before the show. It is already very late. I walk home with Lupo.
No dinner out and no party! Tomorrow I shall be in great shape to face the Fashion photographers and the TV professionals from around the world!
Just Cavalli Fitting

Just Cavalli Fitting

My emotions will fall asleep with me very soon…

See you tomorrow!
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. yana
    yana says:

    Roberto, grazie per queste foto, ho l’impressione di averLa accompagnato a lavoro:)))))
    Ho gia visto alcune foto su style.com ma dove possiamo vedere un video di tutta la sfilata?

  2. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Maestro, come ti ho già detto tante volte… Sei una delle poche certezze che si possano avere in questo mondo! Si vede che hai dato tanto per questa collezione, linee davvero innovative e colori che contraddistinguono pur sempre in fantasia e toni diversi tra loro, però ancorati su una base classica del must Cavalli.
    Ovviamente la parte maschile è quella che ha maggiormente fatto sognare la mia fantasia nonché il mio desiderio di possedere ma preferenze a parte hai donato alle modelle un’aurea magica che contornava ogni passo sulla passerella “disegnata”. Il settimo abito è pura ispirazione, “un safari” ipotetico nella fantasia del più grande stilista… Lo trovo straordinario! Mi è piaciuto molto il taglio dei pantaloni maschili, mi hanno riportato al taglio della collezione RC di qualche anno fa (della prima sfilata che ho visto live), solo che sono ancora più stretti in vita e colori che hanno abbandonato lo scozzese. Bellissimi erano quelli ed altrettanto stupendi sono questi! E’ uno dei tagli che forse preferisco in assoluto per come disegnano le gambe.
    Mi aspetto sempre tanto da ogni tua collezione, chiedo d’essere portato in luoghi che non conosco… Luoghi ameni della fantasia d’una persona dove il dono più grande è avere una chiave per viverli indirettamente attraverso la materializzazione nei tessuti di una parte di essi!
    Grazie per questo e… Ottimo lavoro!

    We love you too


  3. Roa
    Roa says:

    MY COMPLIMENTS Mr. Cavalli! I watched your show on the internet and I was blown away. There is not one piece that I didn’t love. The combination of pied-de-poule with the usual Cavalli animal print is BRILLIANT! And my God I’m in love with the chunky knitted sweaters, these sweaters are on top of my wishlist and I will be saving up for one of these. But my most favorite piece was the creme coat with orange, red and black colored indian-like paterns. Wauw, I’m obsessed with that coat! The show was brilliant, thank you! You are inspiring!

    Lots of love,



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