Roberto Cavalli

338. Creativity – 3

Roberto Cavalli338. Creativity – 3

Rediscover the creativity that is within yourself… Create with positivity… Travel… Explore the World… Broaden your horizons. Meet new people and share your ideas. Often. Different viewpoints can be an inspiration, a tonic.

Create for someone else and you will share your joy, your positivity. Women have always been my Muse. I always wanted to create dresses that were able to capture and enhance the beauty, the mystique and femininity of women.

I want every woman, when wearing a Cavalli dress, to know and be confident that she is admired for who she is and for her potential.

The recipe for creativity is simple and each of us carries the seed within us, often forgotten, abandoned in some recess of our very being.

Dust off your creativity… give free rein to your imagination… let your ideas take you by the hand. Do Not Be Afraid To Create. When you do create with your heart all that you create will be fantastic!


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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    I agree with you again. Contrast, as you know, is an essential part of learning, so, all of us should welcome positive critique of people who know what they are talking about. We can all be crative, of course, to the extent our innate creativeness and cultural background allows us. BUT we need to be SELF CONFIDENT. And we need to be so, even when we are in front of God’s NEPHEW [ this is a personal joke CHEZ Maia : – ) ], which only means that we should NEVER feel overwhelmed by anybody, but GOD. We should all ADMIRE the geniuses that we encounter in life, BUT should ALWAYS see them as the human beings they are, with virtues and deffects: SIC TRANSIT GLORIA, as you very well know. I ADMIRE anyone who puts his very BEST in whatever he does: as a mason, gardener, housekeeper, poet, painter, designer or scientist, and especially as a parent, a duty way more difficult than most people think.

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    La Creazione è alla base della vita….. senza la creazione non ci può essere vita. E senza l’arte e l’estetica, la vita è scialba ed insipida…..!
    E creare col cuore…. è la cosa più bella che si possa fare!
    E già che ci siamo…. speriamo di creare una bella vittoria venerdì sera contro “lei”, già ripetere il 4-2 dell’anno scorso sarebbe tanta roba…!!
    Un grosso Abbraccio…


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