Roberto Cavalli

347. The Maldives…

Roberto Cavalli347. The Maldives…

It is really difficult to tear yourself away from the enchantment of such a place.

As you know I like to feel close to nature, and here in the Maldives, you feel at one with the sea, its inhabitants and the sky…

Shades of blue of the sea and sky blend together creating an almost surreal horizon…

But it’s time to return to “The Dream Factory”, as I like to call the headquarters of Roberto Cavalli in Florence…

Un bacio!


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Maldive Islands from space

Maldive Islands from space

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Good morning, Mr. Cavalli (I am writing on your blog at 13:31 from Madrid): i appreciate your posts on your constant traveling VERY MUCH; something ABSOLUTELY NORMAL FOR A FASHION DESIGNER. I have traveled a lot for regular standards, and plan to travel again in tbe future, since traveling makes us all much better since it enhances us in VERY MANY WAYS. I am sure that people who cannot travel much, for different reasons, CAN ENJOY the GORGEOUS PICTURES AND VIDEOS you post on your blog. IT IS A VIRTUAL WAY OF TRAVELING, present in many other ways in the Internet. I learn from each single experience I have, so reading your posts and participating on your blog is similar -to me, at least- to one of the approximately one hundred college courses I have very successfully taken. FOR THIS REASON, my comments are the ones of someone who is very honest with you, BUT ALWAYS from a VERY SINCERE ADMIRATION FOR ALL YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED IN LIFE. So, CHAPEAU, Mr. Cavalli!

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