35. The Just Cavalli Fashion Show Has Just Ended…

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

35. The Just Cavalli fashion show has just ended and the drum-rolls are for the Roberto Cavalli fashion show!

Which one do I love the most? It ‘s a tough question, but decidedly it’s the main line! It is the glamor, it is the fashion show where I most demonstrate my creative qualities… It is the dream!

A Fashion Show should make you dream, every woman should watch it with her mouth wide open, regardless of her physique. She should identify herself with the model’s body. Sometimes the very way a model walks along the catwalk makes her seem surreal. It’s true!

Models must not be real, they must be a part of your dreams, your desires.

I do not understand why established brands show on the catwalk the same collections that are for sale in the showrooms!
Still less, I do not understand the minimalism of other brands for women who are not in touch with their femininity or have a fear of putting it on display!
Some of these shows are created in the image of their creators.

The models are Top Models or are very well established.
Not necessarily beautiful but definitely striking, special and very professional!

Naomi Campbell - fitting

Naomi Campbell - fitting

I am now in my showroom, the stylist is studying the coordination of the Fashion Show along with Eva. Within an hour the fitting will begin.
I’m trying to figure out at what hour Naomi’s time will be. It’s hard to say, every Top Model is engaged in various Fashion Shows and the fitting for the Cavalli Show is inserted between Shows.

Much of the embroidery for the evening dresses arrived at the last moment so our seamstresses are working to correct them and place them on the dresses.
The magical atmosphere that reigns in these few hours of waiting before the show is fascinating and hard to describe.

Am I satisfied? I don’t know, I am never completely so. My temperament often creates a heavy atmosphere!

Every dress appears before me worn by a model for testing and everybody looks at me and expects me to have a positive or negative reaction. Right now it’s hard for me to express enthusiasm.

I hope I reach the level of your expectations…

Un bacino grande…
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!!
    Da come ce lo racconti, la sfilata è sempre un momento molto particolare….è come quando giochi una partita importante….a volte può essere una finale, a volte un derby, a volte una sfida per entrare in champions league……!
    Magari la Viola fosse come te….:)
    Un Abbraccio


  2. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    mi diverte lo sguardo delle Donne.. 😀 …incredibbile quanta cura e quanto professionalitá e Amore c’é dietro ogni abito.
    Bello far vedere cosa succede realmente
    anche dietro le quinte,squisite!!!
    GRANDE Sign. Roberto
    come sempre.

    Con Affetto Marí ;D

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Roberto, it was perfectly show! Beautiful, splendid, delightful, unforgettable…All dresses are charming!!! You are the GREATEST ARTIST in our time! I’m very happy that I live with you at one time! One million times BRAVISSIMO!!!
    I love you and your fashion! Thank you for everything that you do.
    Many kisses from Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

  4. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Come darti torto… Posso solo pensare però che non tutti gli stilisti hanno il genio che appunto ti contraddistingue, tu presenti una collezione che trascende ogni concetto, idea o pregiudizio. Crei un mondo nel quale avvolgi ogni persona, poi questa aggiunge quel poco che ha bisogno per dargli la sua rappresentazione di “Eden” e mano nella mano l’accompagni dentro ad ogni sua favola, ad ogni suo sogno. E’ bello però che gl’abiti non trovano l’esasperazione dell’immettibile anzi… Diciamo che hanno dei tratti piuttosto marcati e forse sono più per le occasioni “importanti” (ma è proprio questo il bello della sfilata, la maestosità dell’arte oltre ogni concetto) poi c’è la collezione dello show room (che assolutamente non posso che definirla altrettanto unica, bellissima e rappresentativa del tuo stile/genio). Ora ti chiedo, quante persone pensi abbiano il dono di riuscire a creare così tanti vestiti mantenendo inalterato il loro etereo livello artistico? Roberto, sei unico!

    We love you too


  5. R Al Naimi
    R Al Naimi says:

    This collection is by far my favorite in milan fashion week , Specially the fur maxi skirt it is pure genius , The Show was really wild, bold and Incredible combination of colors, prints and textures. I LOVED !!! the embroidered with sequins it looked like shiny fur .

    I Love You

    R Al Naimi

  6. Mary Ryan
    Mary Ryan says:

    You said well, the fashion show make us dream ; Your blog make me dream.
    Thanks for the videos.
    The fashion world is so intense.
    And you’re right the hardest thing to do is to be satisfy after work … satisfaction comes only when everyone will accept your work and respect you for that.
    Your collection is brilliant.
    The fabric, Embellishment , ornaments; everything is Superb.
    And also Colours.

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