359. A Dream Fashion Show!

Roberto Cavalli359. A Dream Fashion Show!

Each Fashion Show is a mix of emotions, months of hard, detailed work, culminating in 15 long minutes… but among all the Fashion Shows I carry in my heart there is one I remember in particular…

Florence: the feeling of its masterpieces is in me; I always wished that every stone of this sublime city could speak, tell…

I had the honour – the only Florentine designer – to run my Fashion on the Ponte Vecchio, a bridge loved throughout the world!

I never thought that the city of Florence would grant me the privilege. What a thrill! I have only recently realized that because my life runs at such a pace, that my mind treats even the most special and fantastic events as assignments to be completed.

Two hours before the start I go to check that everything is as planned. I am waiting for the first international television interviews. Two sixteenth century Savonarola chairs have been carefully placed in the middle of the bridge the stones of which provide a perfect backdrop. I sit down, I look around: the sun is setting, the last beams of light glow golden on the waters of the Arno. In that moment I feel alone, or maybe I wanted to be, to enjoy the unique sensations that Florence was giving me!

I do not realize how many fellow Florentines are around me feeling as I do, looking at me with a wish to talk, to share these moments with me. I am completely stunned. I am living in a dream!

Dozens of television cameras and photographers are all set to take in the big fashion event. The first fashion show without music: a buzz of admiration accompanies the pace of the models who walk bravely with high-heeled difficulty on the cobblestones of the Ponte Vecchio…

My colours, my prints, my creations look like works of art… I myself look at them in silence; my eyes go up to the top of the bridge, to the Vasari Corridor that connects Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti, and one day, for once, for a few minutes, I feel a true Florentine artist.

Florence, the world, I hail! I close the show with Eva, Naomi Campbell and Afef; my eyes are red with emotion, I am choking back the tears…

Suddenly a big bang attracts our attention towards the waters of the Arno… beautiful fireworks of all colours celebrate with us the positivity of my imagination!


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Roberto Cavalli Sfilata Ponte Vecchio - Finale

Roberto Cavalli - Ponte Vecchio

Roberto Cavalli - Ponte Vecchio

Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell


3 replies
  1. Frøydis
    Frøydis says:

    Io sento ancora il odore Dei fiori vicino piazzale di michelangelo.e non dimentico mai tutto bel arte a Firenze incluso Lei Mr Cavalli .sei sempre Kl piu grande☺

  2. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    É L’unica sfilata in cui c’ero anch’io <3
    ero stata invitata a Firenze da mia Zia…
    me la ricordo benissimo..la sfilata…i profumi…i colori… i fuochi d'articifio e lei Sign. Roberto!!!!!! 😀

    E si é stata la prima forse anche l'ultima sfilata POPOLARE…dove tutti Hanno potuto godere LIFE
    delle sue bellissime opere…!!!!!!

    Per mé indimenticabbile <3

    Con Affetto
    Marí 😀

  3. Roberto Jovi
    Roberto Jovi says:

    Beh…che dire…io ho avuto l’onore di averla vissuta dal backstage…A quei tempi lavoravo per Lei…e la signora Titti mi scelse per aiutarla nell’allestimento della coreografia sul Ponte….avevo una squadra di dieci uomini…e trasformammo un negozio completamente dismesso lì vicino in un backstage esagerato….il povero Sauro era entusiasta….
    Che bei ricordi…e che bei tempi…
    Sono stato per 7 anni in ditta…penso che siano stati i più belli della mia vita lavorativa…per questo La ringrazio della fiducia concessami…

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