361. A Collection to Pay Homage to Female Beauty and Oriental Culture…

Roberto Cavalli361. A Collection to Pay Homage to Female Beauty and Oriental Culture…

On my recent trip to the Orient I was fascinated by China… a country with an ancient culture and traditions whose origins are lost in the mists of time.

I left with memories of Chinese art in my heart and I promised myself that I would create a collection that enshrines the magic, the sensibilities, the colours, the prints, the perfumes, the tastes and the ancient history of such a great country.

Chinese art has been the main source of inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection.

I followed the Fashion Show from my chosen position in the back row, blending with the public, those standing… I followed your reactions, I have felt first hand your preferences… your applause, the flashes, the music, so many emotions… I love the fashion world, I love creating, inventing, experimenting…

With this collection I wanted to pay homage to female beauty borrowing the precious drawings of an ancient oriental culture in addition to the use of rich silk, a material incredibly sensual thanks to its triangular prism-fibres which refract the light at different angles thus producing those colour variations so unique to silk.

It is a collection that also pays tribute to the best Italian manufacturing tradition. All fabrics are in fact embroidered and painted by skilled seamstresses and incredible artists in the “Dream Factory” in Osmannoro, Florence.

I say this because in Florence we continue to produce art, an art that one can wear, an art that wants to enhance the natural beauty of every woman, an art that I often feel I would like to frame as one frames the painting of an artist…

This is my tribute to all of you, because I would like every woman to feel admired, desired, loved…


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    Maia says:

    Good morning, Mr. Cavalli. I am VERY busy writing a prologue about my husband’s weltanschaung, for a book that will be published soon. They have waited eight months for my prologue. My silences are always related to my VERY busy life. And besides this, I find it very difficult to read your posts, since your blog changed its format, as I told Giorgio. The latest is that I only get the text of your post -on my email- in very tiny print, without giving me the possibility iof participating on your blog. It has been so for over a month, approximately. But I have not said anything because I don’t want to disturb Giorgio, who is a true gentleman with me.

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