363. Looking for Cinderella… with Paolo Ruffini.

Roberto-Cavalli-with-Paolo-Ruffini 363. Looking for Cinderella… with Paolo Ruffini.

Last night I was at the Teatro Verdi in Florence to attend the latest play featuring the volcanic Paolo Ruffini.

A musical comedy, it is a revised version of the famous Fairy Tale of Cinderella. I thoroughly enjoyed “Looking for Cinderella”. Paolo Ruffini, Manuel Frattini and Beatrice Baldaccini were able to establish a direct relationship with the audience so that we all felt directly involved in the play!

The performance of March 8th ended the theatrical tour of Looking for Cinderella which played for well over a hundred times all over Italy.

I started to follow Paolo Ruffini several years ago when, in a joking way, he began to dub actors such as Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino. Paolo is very good at making funny jokes, in his typical Livorno cadence, adapting the texts of the most famous films in a very funny and entertaining way.

I recorded these funny gags years ago and enjoy playing them during my long trips by air. I laugh a lot while my traveling companions look at me intrigued and surprised by so much hilarity.

After the show we all went to the restaurant with Paolo and his colleagues to continue to enjoy a wonderful evening! We had fun till late… one joke after another… all accompanied by fine Tuscan dishes and Chianti wine.

We have a certain healthy inclination in Tuscany to make fun of ourselves. Not surprisingly Tuscany gives us many good comedians. What I really admire in Paolo is his ability to give us moments of really good, original fun.

Thanks Paolo, don’t ever stop. Life is too beautiful to be taken too seriously!

Un caro abbraccio.


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