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364. Love is in the Air

Roberto Cavalli364. Love is in the Air

Love is in the air, you can almost feel it, it’s palpable…

Not to sound obvious, but it is as though Christmas was just a few days ago…? It happens to me every year, after the break for the Christmas holidays I dive headfirst into my work for the February’s Fashion Shows. Suddenly, it is spring!

Already, for a few days now I have sensed Spring in the air. Even Lupo is different… he is happier, always wants to go out… I think he has the desire to find a girlfriend…!

Spring brings along the feeling of renewal, spring is the emergence of new life. Nature is reborn after the dark winter period and we experience an explosion of colours, scents, feelings!

Spring brings us happiness and a willingness to begin again, to turn the page and start a new chapter in the great book of life.

We put away ours heavy winter clothes and we replace them with lighter, more colourful and joyful summer dresses.

Spring is the season dedicated to women. It starts with the International Women’s Day on March 8 and continues until the summer.

It is in Spring that new loves are born, the flowers bloom, the birds sing and the magic of life seems to suddenly accelerate.

Love is in the air!

Spring prepares us for Summer, another great season, another hymn to nature, love, outdoors, travel…
Do you feel the Spring as well? What are your plans for this Spring?


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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Good morning, Mr. Cavalli. I am still VERY BUSY (yet very happy) with my prologue, BUT yet very happy to take a look at your blog (I am a faithful reader, regardless of the absence of feedback : – ). I love the colorful dresses, though all my enthusiasm goes to the white and black outfits: most of them are GORGEOUS. Those with a very low front must be worn with a perfect “poitrine”, though.

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