369. Easter in the Seychelles

Roberto Cavalli369. Easter in the Seychelles

Following in the footsteps of the famous Portuguese explorer, Admiral Vasco Da Gama, I decided to spend this Easter in the Seychelles…

A true paradise on earth, seemingly suspended between heaven and earth we appear to be floating, buoyed and bobbing on the ocean supported by fragile beaches, surrounded by nature with colors that look surreal as they are so intense, saturated, detailed…

A continuity of colors that blend between sky and ocean with infinite gradations making it difficult to see where one begins in the other ends…

The water has an amazing transparency, the boats seem to float in the air… diving is a unique experience, you are immediately greeted by a welcoming committee composed of a myriad of tropical fish of all shapes and colors that seem to be dancing around with great confidence and not intimidated…

Here you eat a lot of fish cooked in exclusive ways with an abundance of tropical fruits and each dish is garnished with beautiful flowers…

How many inspirations for a new collection can be dedicated to these places…!

The temperatures at this time of year is perfect with an average of 80 degrees and a pleasant prevailing breeze…

I made new friends, great people. Sometimes I catch myself thinking how often life brings us delightful and unexpected surprises.

But now it’s time to go, I have an underwater camera and I cannot disappoint my models, all of them colourful, all of them shapely, all of them curious, all of them fish!

Many good wishes for a Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

Un forte abbraccio!


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