370. Another Day in Paradise…

Roberto Cavalli370. Another Day in Paradise…

Seychelles, a paradise on earth, a very special mini vacation…

As I explained in my previous post, the “365”, “Travel, discovering new places and learning from cultures so distant from my own has had a very important impact on me through my creative journey.” Traveling to the Seychelles is no exception…

This planet is a wonderful place, in all its remote locations. By exploring it you realize how small we are in front of the greatness of nature, before the greatness of Creation.

After my underwater snorkelling exploration I have devoted most of the time discovering these beautiful places, equipped with my camera and… comfortable shoes.

Flowers and beautiful plants capture my attention with their colours, the seductive patterns of their leaves and their intoxicating perfumes… I understand what attracts the bees.

The times of the day that I prefer are the early morning, when nature awakens, the flowers open preparing for a new day and the late afternoon, when the colours are softer, warmer, when a stirring breeze eases to a zephyr and you can feel a state of calm and a surreal peace.

I met turtles with a venerable age of almost 2 centuries!
But can you imagine that… it would mean for us to meet the great-grandchildren of the great-grandchildren… it would be fantastic, can you imagine navigating entire oceans without maps or compasses… how much we would have to tell…

I promise I will show you more photos of the Seychelles… if you get a chance you must include these places in your future travels.

Un grosso bacio!


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  1. miluca
    miluca says:

    Good Morning
    Uaooo debe de ser fantastico , precioso.
    Una gran fuente de inspiración . Seguro que se verá revelada en la próxima colección .

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