376. Pure, Sophisticated and Elegant, Roberto Cavalli Vodka!

Roberto Cavalli Vodka376. Pure, Sophisticated and Elegant, Roberto Cavalli Vodka!

Monte Rosa is the second highest peak in Italy and from its slopes gushes the pure water used in the process of distillation of my Vodka.

Pure Vodka dedicated to the most demanding palates, as sophisticated and elegant as the woman who wears Cavalli.

A centuries’ old Italian tradition in the distillation process provides the guarantee of high quality in the production of my Vodka.

Made only in limited quantities at the beginning for friends and a select clientele, I decided in 2006 to begin production of Roberto Cavalli Vodka along with my son Tommaso. He was already producing the excellent wine on the family estate, Degli Dei, in Panzano in Chianti.

Such a very special Vodka needed a bottle just as special. The snake, long since a symbol of regeneration and wisdom coils around the bottle playing an elegant and provocative role as the Keeper of the Content…

Rosemary and Orange are the two new exclusive and delicate Mediterranean flavours of my Vodka, capturing the subtle pleasure and taste our beautiful Italy…

Cin Cin…


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