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378. Florence-Milan-Florence with Frecciarossa.

Roberto Cavalli378. Florence-Milan-Florence with Frecciarossa.

Besides the pleasure of knowing the most beautiful women in the world one of the things I love about my life is traveling!

I travel by plane and helicopter. I use the car for short trips and I recently discovered the pleasure of travelling on the Frecciarossa…

The Frecciarossa is a high-speed train that reaches 360 Km/h. This allows me to go from Florence to Milan in only an hour and 45 minutes!

The journey is extremely comfortable and the train has several advantages.

One advantage is that it allows me to use the computer comfortably. The current laptops have highly advanced graphics capabilities. I can view and edit the graphic compositions of my prints and play with shapes and colours.

I can also browse my extensive photo archive. It is one of my sources of inspiration, a think tank full of images. Those are the pictures taken over the years on my travels around the world.

An hour and forty-five minutes fly away in a moment. We are already in Bologna and from here the landscape suddenly changes. We leave the flat and abundantly fertile Po Valley to venture into the long dark tunnels crossing the Tosco / Emiliano Apennines. There is always a light at the end of these tunnels. That light is Florence!

And then suddenly I recall my intrepid travel by car, a Fiat 500, blue with red seats, in which I drove, manual shift, up and down through the gears, from Florence to Como through the Apennines in an endless series of switchbacks and hairpins turns, before the highway had been completed!

I was young and the desire to carve out a corner in the fantastic world of Fashion was one of my great aspirations…

How many good memories and how many trips since then…

Tell me about your memorable trips your salad days… when life was green, and occasionally hung by a tread.


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Fiat 500 -1970

Fiat 500 -1970




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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Welcome to the club! I love traveling as much as you do. I love traveling by plane since I was a little girl (no wonder my two sons have become pilots -one of them is also a great flying instructor in the United States- besides one of them being also an electrical engineer). BUT my favorite means of transportation is the train. OLÉ for the Frecciarossa!!! The Spanish FABULOUS High Speed train AVE only reaches 310 Km/h., as far as I know. The greatest advantage traveling by train has for me is the possibility of intermingling with the people of the countries I visit. When I lived in Bologna -while studying my fourth year of Law with an Erasmus scholarship in 1992- I traveled around Italy by train. It allowed me to immerse myself in the Italian culture greatly. I lived GREAT experiences with some very well mannered Italian families. My life experiences are still VERY green. I live a very FASCINATING life almost each day. Life is a VERY FASCINATING TRIP for the good and for the bad: negative experiences help us grow and keep us from floating too far from the ground, which is not too good. I lived GREAT experiences in New York City as an adolescent. I learned Italian in college there. I looked and dressed up like a model then. My college was in the Upper East Side, as I have already said. One day, when I was seventeen, I was at Rockefeller Center -in front of Saks Fifth Avenue- and a man approached me -I still keep his business card- to ask me if I wanted to become a model. He told me he worked for “Mademoiselle” magazine. I thanked him for his compliments, but told him that I was only interested in my college career. It would have never occur to me to get into the world of models, but I have beautiful pictures of my youth. By the way, my kids’ friends and people in the street tell them I look too young to be their mother. I have no wrinkles on my forehead or on my chest, without undergoing any aesthetic surgery. My secret is -besides my genetics- to work VERY hard each day and my FASCINATION for life. “LA VITA È BELLA” è chiarissimo!!!

  2. Maia
    Maia says:

    Good morning, Mr Cavalli. Where can I look at Mother of the Groom dresses designed by you, so that I can see if I can afford buying you one? I am both classical and modern. I almost always wear solid colors. My favorite color is blue, but I only like light blue for my jeans. I love the blue we call AZULÓN in Spain. It is lapis lazuli blue.

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