382. Colourful Parrots…

Roberto Cavalli with Parrot382. Colourful Parrots…

My first parrot was a colourful blue and yellow one… then I added a second one that was red and yellow and many more over the years.

Parrots are strange birds! They are endowed with great intelligence and they become very attached to the person with whom they live and to the place where they live.

They can become very sweet and take the food gently from your hands or even out of your mouth with their enormous beaks that, in case of necessity, can become strong and sharp.

I love animals and birds and how they become attached to me. I return their affection and I give them lots of attention. Animals understand this mutual affection and, although at first there is a natural fear, with patience you can almost always establish a true bond.

I could have become an animal trainer… I have a love and a propensity for animals that, at times, is close to the one I feel for humans…

Animals are instinctive, natural. We might consider ourselves superior to them but I don’t yet feel we can say we fully understand them. I love their instinct, their own forms of communication, which, in some species may even be superior to our own.

I love their “dresses”, their plumage with those amazing combinations of textures, colours and patterns… always brilliant enough to afford a display or carefully camouflaged enough to provide protection and concealment. While their colours give us joy they serve an evolutionary purpose…

Animals are part of nature which is my source of inspiration… we have to learn from them how to use colours and patterns to make us appealing in the eyes of those we wish to attract and yet how to allow us to appear less conspicuous when that suits our purpose. There is a season for everything…


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  1. Maria G.
    Maria G. says:

    Stupendi mi ricordano tanto il mio promovierte pelusch in papagallo rosso von tutti i colori che ripeteva quello che dicevo.avere attenzioni da Partei degl’animali e’ in lusso… Devi avere in anima buona pura loro questo lo sentono.avevo l’eta’ di die anni quando grazie ad ins capretta …attaccata o imparato a camminare.o quando di Mitte sentivo miagolare uscivo dalla mia culla e andavo a vedere… Al risveglio mia madre si ritrovava von animali in casa :)… Scalavo pareti alberi…per vedere i nidi…grazie a un maremmano ero piu veloce die motorini… In paese appunto mi chiamavano Mennea.ho amato e sentito come la mia seconda pelle la Natura e lei Sign. Roberto sembra prenderne cura ne e’ da testinone per questo la stimo.
    Sarebbe bello lasciarli liberi….

  2. Mari
    Mari says:

    ot. Roberto, dovresti dire al tuo webmaster di aggiornare il sito per la nuova normativa sui cookies, così come ho visto che han già fatto per il sito del tuo brand. Sei in vista, più di altri rischi la multa 😉


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