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385. Love… Love… Love… should be your commandment…

Roberto Cavalli385. Love… Love… Love… should be your commandment…

I prefer positive, cheerful, straightforward people to the rude, foolish people who don’t know how to live. There are so many of them!

I do not like cocky people, there are so many more! I do not like those who do not have a philosophy of life, or do not have a sense of the mystery that led us here, a thought that we cannot afford to neglect.

I do not care for religious institutions. They have now become a big show of political force!

I tend not to like politics when they are corrupt and guided by a single leader who does not lead for the benefit of all. I don’t care for capitalism as it is so often practised. I don’t like misery or poverty or the reasons they persist.

I dislike the vulgar and the sanctimonious. I adore Gandhi and Che Guevara. I never strike first…

I wish I could solve all the problems of those I love and the troubles of the world with a smile on my face and with the power of the word, which does wonders, when called with true love. Maybe I should look the opposite of what I am. I would certainly be more interesting! More special… but I don’t want to be admired for what I am not. I want to be esteemed for what I can usefully teach, for the example I set, for being able to make you smile while talking of serious matters!

My life has been a real adventure. Life itself is a great adventure! It begins where God places you to take the first step! Everything else you’ll have to build yourself.

I never looked for compromise or begged for help. if you accept them then you inevitably have to pay for them with interests!
When you love, love fully with your heart, with your gut and your brain. Love gives you a great adrenaline rush!

Forgive, if you can… it helps you with closure.

Love… Love… Love… should be your commandment, from the day you are born… and born again! I don’t say “die”, because death doesn’t exist… I believe in a long eternal journey!


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  1. Maria G.
    Maria G. says:

    L’AMORE VA OLTRE I SENSI…ed in ogni direzione.
    CHANCE D’AMOUR…. c’é chi invece é Fortunato al Gioco ;D

    <3 Marí :* 🙂

  2. Maurizio B.
    Maurizio B. says:

    L’amore è una cosa immensa piena di calore di voglia di vivere, più ne distribuisci e più ne avrai.
    Roberto sei e sarai una persona che nel cammino della mia vita da dato e insegnato tanto, sono maturato e cresciuto professionalmente.
    Grazie di tutto

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