386. Cindy Crawford, a beautiful woman and a very special person

Roberto Cavalli with Cindy Crawford386. Cindy Crawford, a beautiful woman and a very special person

My first showroom was very small. Just over seventy square meters. I was proud… an important address… Via della Spiga in Milan.

It was there that I decided to present one of my own first fashion shows. I arranged the authorization to close the street for an afternoon to install a long catwalk. Emotion! Emotion! Emotion! Everything was wonderful… a big adrenaline rush!

I then opened my first Press Office in Via del Gesù in Milan. Simple and efficient. It was run by young people full of enthusiasm with faith in me and in my creations. We were trying to convey to journalists from around the world the news about my fashion, my creations, my ideas! It was really good to work and have fun at the same time… believing in what we were doing!

One afternoon a beautiful lady, accompanied by a handsome husband pushing a baby carriage with a beautiful baby, entered my Press Office.

The receptionist explained to the couple it was not the Roberto Cavalli Boutique at that location, but the Press Office. Then, one of the secretaries recognized the two as Cindy Crawford and her husband… she rushed to invite them to see the collection saying that Mr. Cavalli would be happy to meet them…

I spoke to Cindy over the phone and let her know that in a few days I would be in New York and we decided to set a meeting there.

I was thrilled, I had always dreamed of Cindy. I had always seen her as the most beautiful woman in the world! We met in her husband Rande’s bar, right in front of Central Park.

For some reason, when you put someone on a pedestal, you think of that person as unapproachable However, Cindy was very gracious and our meeting proved to be very special. She was the first real star I ever met!

Cindy was my first great friend. We started talking and after a while it seemed we had known one another forever. We met the next day for dinner and a few months later she and her two children were guests in our home in Florence.

Cindy is a beautiful woman and a very special person.

Since then I have met many of the stars in the star system…


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