387. I transferred to my children my great passion for the sea…

Roberto and Tommaso Cavalli387. I transferred to my children my great passion for the sea…

Sailing is one of the great adventures that has allowed man, over the centuries, to discover new lands and meet new peoples… I love the sea… I love adventures.

Sailing has allowed me to make friends with the sea, one of the forces of nature. I learned how to ride the waves, to harness their energy, without being overwhelmed… if you know the sea you love it and fear it at the same time. The sea requires love and respect but it rewards you with its precious treasures…

The sea is a special universe, with its colours, refractions and reflections that bind you and alter an ever-changing seascape as though it were a large open-air theatre. A unique show that has been a success for centuries… an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

One of my greatest treasures that I have been able to transfer to my children is my passion for the sea. When they were still young, our little boat was our little paradise. The beginning of August marked the beginning of our summer vacation on the boat.

Sailing around the Mediterranean Sea is an education itself and one that teaches you that what counts is the journey. Tommaso kept me company at the helm and bombarded me with questions, his thirst for knowledge was endless and often he fell asleep listening to my stories…

On board I was Captain, Cook and Deckhand… Tommaso helped me by catching fish, delightfully fresh, that I then cooked… our meals on board taught us to enjoy simple fare. As he grew older so his duties on board also grew.

But time passes, the children grow up…

I celebrated today, with pride, the launch of Tommaso’s new boat. He has now become Captain, inheriting the tasks of transferring his passion for the sea to his children.
Now it is up to him to answer an endless array of questions… to savour the pleasure of spending those precious moments in the company of his beautiful family and the immensity of the sea…

Happy sailing Captain Tommaso…


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Roberto and Tommaso Cavalli

Roberto and Tommaso Cavalli

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  1. miluca
    miluca says:

    Me encanata el mar . Os invito a conocer Isla Plana. Seguro que os encantaría. Esta al sureste de España , es mi rincón preferido.
    Saludos. Sigo esperando la invitación para visitar tu estudio.


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