390. Nature is my constant source of inspiration…

Roberto Cavalli390. Nature is my constant source of inspiration…

Nature is the source of my inspiration. I cannot tell you this too often. That is how important Nature is to me and can be for you. Those fantastic colours that make the butterflies so distinctive and so perfectly suit the texture of their wings are an essential part of their elegance. To such an extent is this true that a special paint has been developed to help us realize this effect in art and fashion.

I discovered this special paint, quite by accident, several years ago and I fell in love… it’s a paint that changes colour depending on the incidence of the light rays that strike the surface. This is possible thanks to the micro-prisms in the paint itself.

The very same mechanism of refraction of light is used by some butterflies to make the colours of their wings so incredibly elegant and attractive…

I started experimenting with this paint in every possible way… the first item was a cell phone, the Motorola StarTAC and then the helicopter. This was followed by the mega yacht RC and then the Smart car I use for short trips around Florence…

So when my son Tommaso and I decided to create a special limited edition of my Vodka we immediately thought of creating a bottle that would be singular and unique in a design that would incorporate this system of colouring. Thus the CHAMELEON EDITION was born.

Chameleon is a special edition of the Roberto Cavalli Vodka that captures the attention with its fantastic colours ranging from an intense green to a bright purple. Hard to describe, and hard to capture in a photograph… its colours change continuously adapting to the light that surrounds this very special bottle…

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is a pure Vodka made with the best ingredients such as the water used in the distillation process that flows from the slopes of Monte Rosa in the Italian Alps.

Stylish… captivating… unique… sexy… Roberto Cavalli Vodka Chameleon Edition!

Un grosso bacino…


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Roberto Cavalli Vodka Chameleon

Roberto Cavalli Vodka Chameleon

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  1. Maria G.
    Maria G. says:

    allora se vedró questi colori sapró …
    che l’ha… c’é passato lei ..allora si prospetta un estate
    CAMALEONTICA!!!!! <3 :*

    Un Grosso Abbraccio


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