394. How can you not take a cue from an Artist like God…?

Roberto Cavalli394. How can you not take a cue from an Artist like God…?

How can you not take a cue from an Artist like God…? Just look around and discover the greatness of Creation in even the smallest things around us… so perfect… shapes and colors joined in such a perfect harmony…

My creative process began when, as young man, I decided to enroll in the School of Art, in Florence. The artistic bent was already in my family. My grandfather, Giuseppe Rossi, was an artist of the Macchiaioli school.  His paintings are exhibited in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

My career has been an adventure… a great adventure full of great achievements and some difficult times.

I was very young when I started to paint on fabrics creating shirts and pullovers. I worked twenty hours a day in a small rented garage…

How many dreams… how many hopes… how many difficulties…
Then the first orders came…

I decided to experiment with leather, but it was too hard as a material for clothes so then I decided to use that very fine and soft leather used for gloves.

When I showed my first works in printed leather to Hermes, which was already my client for printed fabrics, they were thrilled. They invited me to visit them in Paris.  They wanted exclusivity.

That’s when I decide that I will become a fashion designer.  I want to create beautiful clothes to enhance the beauty of women.  I want every woman to be able to feel admired… courted… beloved…

It’s the end of the 60s… I am drawing my first collection and presenting it in Paris.  Journalists are captivated by my fashion but orders are modest.

The first big success came a few years later, in 1971, at the fashion show at the Sala Bianca of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence.  The journalists and buyers love my patchwork leathers and finally the orders arrive.

My passion for art and admiration for God, the greatest artist, let me begin and continue to make my way in the fashion world and be welcome there.

I continue my creative path, experimenting, inventing new ways and methods for the creation of what will become the Cavalli Style…

Part 1 of 3, to be continued…


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