398. Mediterranean Sea, important crossroads of peoples and cultures…

Roberto Cavalli398. Mediterranean Sea, important crossroads of peoples and cultures…

This year I decided to spend my summer holidays exploring the Mediterranean… again!

The Mediterranean Sea has been an important crossroads for the merchants, traders and travellers of ancient times.  It has allowed trade and the cultural exchange of ideas between peoples.

Mediterraneus (Latin) – in the middle of land – the Mediterranean basin unites three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. The history of the Mediterranean region is crucial to understanding the origins and development of many modern societies.

I love this sea and over the years I have spent most of my summer vacations discovering its treasures…

My children have learned to love the Mediterranean since their childhood when we shared a small boat and an endless series of adventures…

Sailing evokes in me a great feeling of calm, peace, a respect for the elements and an endless inspiration… the encounter with dolphins that accompany us for a short distance… the water, the sun, the colours are muted at sunrise and that become strong and bright during the day and then, again, become soft and misty at sunset when the breeze settles down.  It is the way nature is getting ready for the magic of the night when the sky grows dark and the light from the stars guide us across expanses open ocean as they did adventurers of old.  How many stars there are in the universe…?  The sound of the waves, the view of the stars from the sea without the contamination from the city lights is the best son et lumière show on earth… a show that has been playing every night for millions of years…

These same stars have kept company with the navigators of the past, each one with his own history and each one in search of new lands, new treasures, new cultures and perhaps even a new love…

The vessel in which I prefer to explore the Mediterranean is the Bat-Zodiac, as I call it.   It is a zodiac with unique features and propelled by Hydro jets, fast… handy… versatile… essential!

Where have you decided to spend your summer vacation?  Where have your dreams brought you…?


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Bat Gommone - Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli - Summer 2015

Roberto Cavalli - Summer 2015

Roberto Cavalli - Summer 2015

Roberto Cavalli - Summer 2015

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  1. Alvuela Franco
    Alvuela Franco says:

    Anche io adoro il mare perchè sono cresciuta sullo Jonio e precisamente a Roccella Jonica, in provincia di Reggio. Ha ragione, è un tuffo nella storia e nella cultura dei popoli. Il mare rilassa e immergersi significa riuscire a percepire le sue meravigliose e infinite sfumature di blu filtrate dalla luce. Quest’anno però io e mio marito, abbiamo scelto di trascorrere le nostre vacanze in Alto Adige sul lago di Braies. Anche la montagna, come il mare riesce a rigenerare la mente. E’ bellissimo camminare tra prati, laghi e boschi, ammirare gli intrecci “ellenistici” dei rami e dei tronchi, scoprire e apprezzare anche le più piccole creature viventi che si poggiano delicatamente sulla flora. E’ pura poesia! Evviva l’Italia dal nord al sud, Paese ricco di storia, paesaggi, arte e di una bellezza incontaminata.

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