4. Paris, a white sky and a light drizzle…

Roberto Cavalli - Notre Dame de Paris

Roberto Cavalli - Notre Dame de Paris

4. Paris, a white sky and a light drizzle accompanied me all day.

I wanted to stay in bed all day… pampered by the warmth and love of my beautiful girlfriend. You still do not know her, but soon I will introduce her to you, her gentleness, her beauty and how important she is for my creativity.

Around five I went to my boutique in Rue Saint Honoré.
It’s such fun to see the enthusiasm of so many beautiful women when they recognize me!
I like to be loved and try to convey that love to all my fans.

The boutique is beautiful, four floors of my positive energy, my imagination and my love for femininity!

This evening we went to dinner, at the restaurant of the Hotel Costas with two couples – friends who joined us to spend the weekend together in Paris.

Saturday night is the fashion moment of the Paris fashion week.
You are there to see and be seen, or, “Here I am… did you notice me?”.
I enjoy to been there, the best restaurants and discos, of course!

I enjoy the feel of those moments. Perhaps the only time when I do anything to feel important, both for myself and for others. I like to show off the designer whom others admire!

After a great dinner at Costes I booked one of the best tables at Rasputin, the most fashionable nightclub…

We arrived around midnight, too early! We just wanted to be able to enjoy this special place, it was the best Russian restaurant in Paris until last year!
There is probably less demand now for traditional Russian cuisine and now with the same look, they have turned the place into a “Boit de nuit”

The music was not “the best” as it is supposed to be.
The bottle of vodka they brought me was full but already opened, definitely filled from a large bottle of poorer quality!
Parisian service!

… to be continued.


Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    La cosa che più mi piace è proprio la semplicità con la quale riesci a dimostrare la simpatia… Mi piace perché sei una persona “alla mano” ed “autentica”, non il “classico” stilista con il terrore a farsi toccare anche solo le mani, che innalza bariere insormontabili per lasciarti in costante imbarazzo alla sua presenza per auto-divinizzarsi. Hai il dono di entrare nel cuore delle persone e lasciarne un’impronta “leopardata” così indelebile da vivere di quel ricordo giorno dopo giorno. E’ davvero facile volerti bene!
    Per la vodka cosa puoi farci… Quando sei abituato all’eccellenza della RCVodka è difficile trovarne il gusto in altre. Mi meraviglia anzi che nella discoteca più alla moda Parigina non diano appunto la vodka che è la più alla moda! A cominciare proprio dalla bottiglia curata nei particolari più minimi… Io sono anche riuscito a farmi dare una bottiglia la settimana dopo che l’hai presentata ufficialmente (piccola da 50 ml) oddio la vodka l’ho bevuta ed era davvero eccelsa ma la bottiglietta l’ho tenuta perché la trova davvero bella in un armonizzante e bellissimo puro stile Cavalli!
    A domani Maestro!
    I love you too


  2. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Reading your blog is just like talking to an old friend you’ve known for years. Feels like i experience your everyday life. It’s amazing! Once i went to your boutique located here in Kiev, Ukraine. I was speechless when i entered. Everything looked absolutely fantastic!!! Though it was a couple of years ago i can remember it well as if it was yesterday. I’m proud to say i’m wearing R.C. glasses. Everytime i look in the mirror i see the masterpiece (my glasses i mean lol) created by the Legend. I’m so honoured to always have a small piece of your work with me.
    LOVE U


  3. yana
    yana says:

    Mathias, I’m happy I’m not the only crazy Cavalli fan who keeps hes Cavalli bottle (in my case it’s only the Cavalli-styled Coke, but I love it the same:))))

    Signor Cavalli, GOOD JOB, keep on informing us on the coolest places in the world:))))

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. laura
    laura says:

    Every day, when I wake up and I go out in my town, I feel as a princess who is coming in her palace, and that is not a dream,but a feeling of life. So much soft, so much great minded living.

  5. Bibi MadHatter
    Bibi MadHatter says:

    Come ha già detto Mathias in un altro commento, ormai è una bella abitudine leggere un paio di post di questo blog appena alzata. E’ un po’ come avervi tutti qui, a casa mia. Ok… dobbiamo stringerci un po’ 😉 Vodka di bassa qualità? Io, che bevo solo acqua del rubinetto (e millemila caffè), non me ne sarei accorta… cheffigura!! 🙁 Va beh… il giorno in cui riuscirò a concedermi una vacanza, andrò a Parigi e farò un salto al Rasputin. E chiederò espressamente la RCVodka (che berrà qualcun altro ma di cui conserverò la bottiglia ^____^)

          • Bibi MadHatter
            Bibi MadHatter says:

            Uh Yana… siamo proprio lontane!!! 🙁 Io vivo a Genova (e adesso sta nevicando… tanto per dire che in Liguria non faccia sempre così caldo come tanti pensino U.U). Ok… siccome Roma è splendida, si organizza lì 😉 Maestro… non vorrà mica mancare, vero??? 😉

          • Bibi MadHatter
            Bibi MadHatter says:

            Yana… sono senza parole… E’ SPLENDIDO!!! Ma meglio iniziare da Milano perché per Dubai dovrei vendermi un rene 😉 Però è bello guardare le immagini e sognare… <3<3<3

  6. Fashion Me Chic
    Fashion Me Chic says:

    Paris is my city and I am sad everytime that someone visits it and has a bad experience. It shows how important customer service IS in any field. Wheter it is a small company around the corner or a famous brand. Enjoy the rest of your stay in France and may the f/w 12 collection dazzle us.

  7. Dinahh
    Dinahh says:

    I love how you convey you passion even in describing you daily day issues from love to work to going out ! Its like you make one realize that even though life is complex you’re the one who can make it simple and enjoy every moment of it.

    All the respect and admiration,

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