400. September again… it’s time for us to harvest the grapes…

Roberto Cavalli and Tommaso Cavalli400. September again… it’s time for us to harvest the grapes…

The Mediterranean Sea gently cradled and enchanted me with its warmth and colours this August…  A very relaxing holiday… just what I needed!

The scents of autumn are already waiting for me in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, among vineyards, forests, castles, churches, villas and farmhouses.

Our rolling hills form a unique landscape, immediately recognizable, magical, wDegli deiith its symmetry so perfect… a corner of Paradise on Earth…

In the nineteenth century, travellers who visited the Old Continent included Chianti and Tuscany in the itineraries required for the formation of the educated man.   

In the heart of Chianti, in Panzano, I purchased an estate in the seventies, 70 hectares of woods, olive trees, meadows, pastures and 5 hectares of vineyard that I called Tenuta degli Dei.

Here my son Tommaso has created a successful stable for breeding racing trotter horses.  One of his foals, Penelope Dei, won a prize of one billion lire.

In the highest part of the hill, with a perfect exposure to the warm rays of the sun, Tommaso created a vineyard that, thanks to his loving care, is now producing grapes for a very special wine… Cavalli Tenuta degli Dei.

Tommaso’s philosophy is contained in his words: “Making wine is in itself a contradiction. Wine is not made.  You take care of the vineyard, you listening to the earth, you reap what nature has decided to give you. There are no lights or catwalk glamor here.  At most there is the setting sun behind the hill.  It requires creativity, emotion, professionalism and patience…”

I designed a special label for this bottle, a special and unique dress for this Nectar of the Gods – as I love to call it…

A bottle of my wine never fails to be presented at my table even when I am in Milan, Miami, New York… Each time I savour a glass of this nectar I close my eyes… the aromas and flavours of my beloved Tuscany flow back forcefully into my mind and I see the gentle hills and taste those flavours that over the centuries have taught generations how to live a simple life, completely immersed in the pleasures of nature…


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